Light a Candle, Venus Enters Aries to Shake up Your Sex Life

February 5, 2020

SagittariusThe planet of pleasure and beauty enters Aries on February 7, 2020, at 12:02 p.m. PT. In this sign, Venus is lighting up a fire, bringing clarity to the haze that Venus in Pisces left. Living during Venus in Pisces feels like entering a dimly lit party, making eye contact with a cutie straight out of a past life. You can’t help but get lost in their face or diving into their eyes—you blush at the very sight of their smile.

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When Venus enters Aries, the lights turn on, however that doesn’t mean that the night is over; quality that will make itself pretty obvious within the first week of this transit. On February 12, Venus makes an opposition to the moon in Libra, challenging our impulsivity and perspectives during this season. Are we being fair and inclusive while engaging in pleasure and love, or failing to be sensitive to others? Expect a few minor conflicts within relationships—being open-minded and empathic are both qualities that can help.

Venus in Aries – February 2020

Astrological Aspects

Venus trines the moon in Sagittarius on February 17, encouraging adventure and amusement for you and your loved ones. Mind your feelings and honor your words because with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, feelings are most likely being expressed through intuitive sensations.

On February 18, Venus will square the Capricorn moon, forcing us to get real (and) respectful regarding the way we approach the ones that we love. Are you truly able to commit? Capricorn doesn’t have time to waste! The Saturn influence on the moon will have us thinking much more practically about our emotions, and if someone isn’t down to follow their cardinal desires, it’s probably the best time to say goodbye.

When Venus sextiles the moon in Aquarius on February 21, it may feel like there’s an aura of detachment in the air. Be sure to take things slow and notice the signs—sometimes we don’t know what we want and stay in relationships just for the feeling of being in love.

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By February 27, Venus finally makes a conjunction with the moon in Aries, triggering either steamy—or disastrous—affairs. Impulsive as is, the Arian energy may drive us to act foolishly, and we sure aren’t going to let someone make us out to be a fool (at least not without a fight). For example, in the case you haven’t been forthright with yourself or someone, it’s been showing in your actions and oozing from your pores. Expect “call-outs” during this emotionally sensitive time, and take a hint when someone isn’t ready to be called in.

There’s need to be hard on ourselves during this time, Mercury retrograde is challenging our ability to perceive, communicate with, and understand ourselves and others. When Venus sextiles Mercury in Aquarius on March 4, it’s advised to remember we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Really listen to what others are communicating to you, especially as Venus separates from a positive sextile with the emotional moon on the last day of her stay in Aries. When feelings are high, sometimes “weird” things come out, and not always in a way that others are ready to receive.

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For what your sign can expect during Venus in Aries read for your sun, moon, and Venus signs:


I am prioritizing my desires and encasing myself in pleasure. I am open to trying new things because there are experiences for me to learn from. I am buying that new sexual apparatus and engaging in sex that’s more experimental. Expect my words to come out softly and my actions to incite waves—my impulsivity now roots from intuition because I am doing what feels right.


I am undergoing a release of self, therefore I welcome new knowledge and understanding for my personal development. I am diving deeper into my subconscious and exploring the sexual desires that I’ve hesitated to ask for; heck, I might even have sex outside. I am anticipating my needs being met because I am actively asking for what I want. My reactions are no longer random, as they relate to the strengthening of my relationship between my physical and spiritual psyche.


I have been releasing the structures that no longer serve me, which includes walking away from roles that do not align with the person I have decided to become. It is through continuing to walk into the dark that it gives me the ability to shed light on my path. Now is a time of celebration, so I am spreading my wings outward to the world. I am realizing that my network is my net-worth as I build wealth in that arena.


I am learning to let the love in because the universe did not fling me into the world to live alone. I am realizing my capabilities and ravishing in the well-deserved fruits of my labor. I am learning to draw attention back to my dreams, and I am surrounding myself with people who pour into my cup. Each new day feels like the beginning of a new journey as I collect the chapters and building my book. It’s nice to start seeing what I’m made of.


I am learning, not just for others but for myself as well. As I replay occurrences of intimacy in my mind, I am noticing patterns in what and how much I share with others. I play as I find the words to explain exactly what I am feeling, which is actually kind of fun. I am learning through the experiences, situations, and circumstances I find myself in. Now it becomes clear I can run in one direction, and then decide to take a turn and switch up my destination.


The world never said it would be easy, however, I am starting to appreciate why it’s so hard. I am recapping conversations that I am spirited away from and re-exploring relationships that I once decided to abandon. I am unpacking and reorganizing how I go about intimacy; I will forever be unable to let someone in if I continuously close the door. I am reconnecting with my dreams by taking notes of their meanings.


I am forgiving myself for the relationships that have disappointed me. Not everyone deserves my love, nor should they have had access to my energy. I am recharging and finding fun in the relationships that are built on the foundation of mutual reciprocity. I am in no rush to have or keep relationships because patience is a virtue and the universe is teaching me how to nurture myself.


Life hasn’t always been fair, and I am learning how to acknowledge that—but not get lost in that. I am teaching myself tender love and care by structuring my reality around radical self-love. I am teaching myself forgiveness for the times I’ve struggled with patience, and I mindfully meditate and maintain my center. As I permit myself to speak my authentic truth, I am releasing old memories and allowing myself to build new ones.


I am realizing that I am more powerful than I originally realized, and my abilities to manifest and draw my desires into reality are enhancing. I am transforming the way I deal with my finances, my values, and my possessions. I am entering a stage where I am building a secure foundation and I am affording myself more pleasure. The past few months have helped me grow new respect and admiration for myself, therefore I am welcoming the experiences that I had always aspired for.


If I am unable to dream during my resting hours, then where else can I truly let down my guards? I am still continuously reflecting on myself and the relationships I have with others, and now I am taking my findings and cleansing out my domain. Out with the old, the unconstructive, and insecure energy—there’s only room for ideas that make me feel comfortable in my own home.


There are changes in my life that are challenging me to reexamine the people that I surround myself with, both in my smaller and larger communities. I am taking notice of the ebbs and flows of my global society, and it’s urging me to consider how I fit in the picture. I am coming to terms with who I’ve had to be, and I am finding pleasure in the exploration of my values and my voice.


I am setting real boundaries; I am no longer holding space for just anyone to enter my precious universe. I value myself, which means I unapologetically honor the time I spend with myself alone. I am releasing any shame or hesitation for acting in my own interest; I am teaching myself how to align with my intrinsic and intuitive needs and desires.

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