A Venus in Leo Erotic Ritual to Get You Ready for Your Close-up!

September 2, 2020

As the brightest planet in our sky, Venus naturally knows how to dazzle and inspire. The original ingenue, her celestial spectacle has moved and stirred our hearts since the dawn of time. Depending on what sign she graces with her presence, determines the way we are influenced. On Sunday, September 6 at 12:22 a.m., Venus bids adieu to the cardinal water sign of Cancer, and the Goddess of Pleasure finds a new stage as the bright and shining star in the fixed fire sign of Leo.

From this moment on, the quality of our relationships takes on less of internally emotional resonance to a more outwardly expressed practice. Ruled by the sun, Leo is a naturally magnetic and audacious personality. And when Venus is in this warm and generous sign, our affections might get louder and prouder. Leo governs the heart and with Venus now in the sign of the Lion, our passions are ignited and amplified. As pleasure is given and received with more ease, we might feel more compelled to receive a little more admiration from others. Attention and adoration become a more valuable currency.

Venus also rules over what we find beautiful and how we like to adorn ourselves. We might gravitate towards more lush fabrics, bold looks, and statement pieces that magnify our unique sense of style. Whatever has us looking and feeling like royalty is a great way to channel this energy. Our allure takes on a flashier tone and we become more inclined towards stepping up the luxury. With Venus in Leo, we are just more in the mood for sparkle!
This short but sweet transit is also a ripe opportunity to unleash your artistic genius. Even if you don’t think you do, we all have creative capabilities because everyone is a creator. If you want to tap into this side of yourself even further, this next month is the perfect time to give it all you’ve got. If for nothing else, do it for the sake of imprinting your bright and beautiful spirit out into the world. Because there is such a potent heart activation happening here, it’s an invitation to create something that moves you and makes you feel something.

Just before her ingress into Leo, Venus forms a few tense aspects with the current Capricorn pileup, including an opposition with Pluto. Anytime Venus forms a connection with Pluto, it catalyzes a transformation in one way or another. A renewal of some kind was in order, as it relates to Venusian matters (love, money, beauty). Or perhaps, a painful ending was in store. When Venus transits through Leo, we are invited to alchemize that struggle into fuel for our creative expression. We get to use our pain and turn it into our pleasure. Making something to transmute a moment of contraction can result in us feeling expansive as ever. That is the magick of art alchemy and this is what Venus in Leo is asking us to remember.

How influential a planetary transit is over our individual reality, is determined by our unique birth chart placements. But consider this a permission slip from the universe to be just a tad more extra in your love. In these times, we could really all use it. If you are naturally inclined towards bold self-expression, public displays of affection, and loud declarations of love, then this transit is sure to turn that energy up to the max! If you’re more low-key about your style, then maybe it only goes up a few notches. Either way, this transit is a reminder that love is always worth celebrating. One thing is for sure, it’s not a transit that will be ignored.

Venus in Leo Astrological Aspects

September 13 

Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries: A powerful time to transmute old pain into deeper self-love. Allowing any remaining tears to flow and putting the past behind us. A raw moment that catalyzes a re-birth.

September 15 

Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus: Non-committal relationships may face an abrupt ending, especially if we are not feeling adequately adored. We may suddenly remember what we’re worth.

September 27 

Moon in Aquarius opposition Venus in Leo: True feelings are revealed making us feel at odds with someone we care about. 

September 28

Venus in Leo trine Mars in Aries: An affectionate, warm, and playful energy that makes us want to be around and engage others. We dare to be more direct about our feelings. 

A Venus in Leo Ritual to Channel Your Fierce Lioness

Beyond just knowing what our Venus sign is, or becoming aware of where she is in the sky, we can create some powerful practices and rituals to embody Venusian energy. Channeling Venus in this way can bring more love, glamour, abundance, and juicy magick into our lives as a way of creating a resonance with her frequency.
First and foremost, having an altar, or a focal point in your home creates a relationship between you and the morphic field of the Goddess. This is best created on a Friday (suggested dates: 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25), the day of the week ruled by Venus.

To build your altar, you will need at least one item to represent each element:

  • Earth: Roses or a rose quartz crystal (clear quartz works fine too)
  • Water: A goblet or glass of water (the fancier the vessel, the better)
  • Air: Incense (rose, sandalwood, or ylang ylang are recommended)
  • Fire: A white or pink candle

Optional offerings:

  • Queen of Wands Tarot card
  • Red or gold silky fabric
  • Champagne
  • Your favorite gold jewelry
  • Honey, Berries, Chocolate
  • Other art or sacred objects that remind you of love or beauty

If you don’t have any of these items, don’t stress. Work with what you have! More so than tools or supplies, the most important part of any ritual is the feeling you are conjuring.

Build a small altar on a clean surface where there isn’t anything else cluttering the space. Cleanse the space first with some incense and/or rose water. Arrange the items listed above in a way that feels intuitive to you. Spend a few minutes sitting in front of your altar to set your intention and send energy to your sacred space. Thank the Goddess for blessing your life with beauty, abundance, and love.

Part 2: Tantric Mirror Prayer

This simple, but impactful exercise borrows from an ancient tantric practice, usually between partners, to create high levels of intimacy. But this can also be done solo to maintain a deeper connection between you and your Higher Self. The best part about this practice is that it’s free and can be done anywhere at any time.
You will need:

  • 1 handheld, full size, or wall mirror
  • Alternative: Front-facing camera on your phone

Get yourself comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. Once you’re standing or seated with the mirror in front of you, soften your gaze, and look at yourself deeply in the eyes. This can quite immediately bring up a lot of the negative views we have about ourselves, making us resistant to this practice. Push past the discomfort and stay with it. If we want to channel the confidence of a Queen, confronting those negative views and choosing Love despite that is a MAJOR source of power. Instead, transmuting our self-judgment into a sweet kind of tenderness towards what we are looking in the mirror is real alchemical magick. Witness the radiance of your soul shining through the blackness of your pupils. See your inner child behind all your armor. Feel your heart swell with compassion for them.

Put your hands over your heart and repeat the following Ho’oponopono prayer:

I love you, I’m sorry, Thank you, Please forgive me.

This is an ancient Hawaiian prayer and a powerful spell. These simple words are filled with so much potency and a majorly effective way to shift your energy. Repeat as many times it takes to feel expansive, open, joyful, and full of love.

Finish out the ritual by taking a few deep belly breaths with your eyes closed to integrate all the loving energy you just conjured for yourself. Imagining your aura being filled with gold light.

Now sweep your hands over your head so they are reaching high above you, fingers pointing up like you’re holding a crown. Slowly pull your crown from the astrals and onto your head. Open your eyes and feel the profound reverence you now have for yourself reverberate through your cells.

Part 3: Unleash Your Lioness

The best way to work with Venus to invite more of her magick into your life is to create a ritual that engages all your senses. Venusian energy is inherently very sensual and all about pleasure. The more you can immerse yourself in what looks, feels, and smells good, the more room there is for Her to move through you.

After your powerful mirror affirmations, get yourself ready like you are about to go on a hot date. Shower, shave, and moisturize—pull out all the stops!

Press play on your sexiest playlist jams and begin the process of seducing yourself.

Put a dab of perfume on your wrists and trace your lips with bold red lipstick. Wear your hottest lingerie set and throw on a silky robe or your favorite kimono. Adorn your sacred temple with all your favorite jewels. Whatever makes you feel like a goddess.

Then, lounge lavishly on top of a fuzzy blanket or pillows and trace your fingers around your body, admiring yourself the way a lover would. Send love and gratitude to every single part of your body.

In the best lighting you can find, take a few sexy selfies to remember yourself in this moment.

Eat some chocolate or a small teaspoon of honey, slowly letting it melt in your mouth.

Let your sexy playlist move your body intuitively. Caress your hair and make circles with your hips. Dance around your room and have fun with it. No one is watching or judging you, except Venus.

With your favorite toy or vibrator, give yourself a good self-pleasure session. And if it feels right, don’t be afraid to use your voice. At the moment of climax, purposely send all your ecstatic energy up through your crown chakra, and to Goddess Venus as an offering. This creates a feedback loop of more blessings to come through your life.

Go slow with everything. None of this is a race to finish. Do this in whatever order feels good. The longer you can draw out this part… the better.

And most importantly, enjoy unleashing your Lioness! The more you practice this ritual, the deeper you will be able to go!

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