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Your ruler Mars is slowing down, and it turns retrograde later this month for a long stay over the...

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Seduction blossoms on hot summer nights, beginning as early as the first weekend in June. That’s...

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Charm is your middle name, and even amid hot love somehow the right words spill out. The new moon...

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With Venus, the goddess of love, in your own sign of Cancer, you can’t seem to untangle yourself...

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The first weekend of this month could be when you really show your deep and involved side, and a...

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Virgos are among the sexiest and most loyal of all the signs, and the quarter moon of June 6 in...

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Always the creative thinker where love is concerned, you want an affair to always remain fresh and...

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Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune shine brightly on June 1 as they form a sexy grand water trine and you...

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On June 13, a new moon turns rose-colored dreams into reality, and you could discover right about...

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Although Capricorns are not cheats, you do keep your nest in a state of readiness, and it acts as a...

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For the single Water Bearer, one of the “lucky in love” signs of the zodiac, you could be eyeing...

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The weekend of June 2 is magical with a grand water trine between your ruler Neptune and Venus, the...

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Stellar Guidance

How Will Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Affect Me?

The planet of illusion stations retrograde in dreamy, empathetic Pisces on June 18, 2018, and stays there for a little over five months. Find out what this means for you with these horoscopes!

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