Weekly Horoscope: January 31–February 6, 2021

January 30, 2021

One of the defining features of 2021 is the planetary clash happening in fixed signs. These zodiac signs are the purest form of their season, with Taurus being Spring, Leo being Summer, Scorpio being Autumn, and Aquarius being Winter. We will especially feel the collision between planets in Taurus and Aquarius, with such heavyweight titans standing strong in these areas of the sky. As the increase of cosmic energy in Aquarius takes hold—with a stellium in this zodiac sign occurring this month—prepare for friction. Challenges, however, do not always represent dark times, though. They are also an opportunity to persevere and grow.

Our goddess of pleasure, Venus, will erupt in a technicolor display as soon as she enters Aquarius on February 1. She will remain in this freedom-loving zodiac sign until February 24. During the weeks to come, we will feel an urge for more exploration and experimentation in our relationships. Singles may become attracted to others who are not their “typical type.” Being open to this will bring new experiences and insight about the world. This is also an especially social place for Venus to dance, as we are not just focused on romantic forms of love, but also a more equal humanitarian affection. Friendships and platonic relationships become especially happy now. This week would be a lovely time to volunteer or to become more actively involved in communities.

The sizzling sun will clash with a feisty Mars on the first, as well, causing sparks! With these two titans being pure fire energy, this could create a buildup of resentment, conflict, or sexual frustration. Irritability and impatience are also likely. Challenges may arise, which may provoke you. Accidents are highly likely, as well. Do not go on the offense, as your strength and courage will suffer from a likely defeat.
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The next major aspects of the week take place on the final day: February 6. Venus unites with Saturn in Aquarius. This will be one of the most difficult days of the year for relationships and financial matters. Happily, this transit is rather quick, so by the onset of next week, this energy should fade. Sadness and isolation are especially likely now, and existing unions will be tested by some sort of disconnect and disloyalty. Healthy partnerships can move through this rather easily, especially through communication and giving one another space.

As for money matters, budgets could be quite tight, and this is not a moment to sign a contract—especially with Mercury retrograde simultaneously occurring. Venus squares Uranus on this same day, too, foretelling even further complications around these same matters. People who are feeling trapped in a connection could strive for freedom and are more prone to wandering eyes. Since Mercury is retrograde, this could cause some people to cheat through apps, exes, or their social network. However, relationships that are strong can harness the more positive vibrations of this time by spicing up their routine, whether that be through fun, games, or other forms of amusement.


Major Transits of the Week

2/1 — Venus enters Aquarius

2/1 — Sun in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus

2/6 — Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

2/6 — Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

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As Venus enters your solar eleventh house for the weeks ahead, you’ll hear from many friends, Aries. This is a dazzling opportunity to expand your network and social media following, as well.


Prepare for a double dose of professional fortune as your ruler, Venus, dances through your solar tenth house of achievement, Taurus. You’ll be in the spotlight. Authority figures and bosses will also likely favor you.


With Venus moving through your solar ninth house, you could attract love with a foreigner, Gemini. This new romantic connection could also be someone who comes from a different cultural or spiritual background than you, too.


Get ready to dive into sensuality and intimacy as Venus swirls through your solar eighth house, Cancer. You’ll be feeling the urge to merge.


Existing relationships will improve now that Venus has moved directly across the sky from you, Leo. This could help you grow closer. Single Leos can now find someone with long-term potential.


Happy times with coworkers and the people you work with will come now and in the weeks ahead, Virgo. Venus touring your solar sixth house will bring laughter and peace.
As your ruler, Venus, dances through your solar fifth house, you are especially favored for soulmate connections. Single Libras must make dating a top priority now and in the weeks ahead!


With Venus stepping quietly through your solar fourth house, you will feel the urge to update your living space with beautiful new décor. Having a dinner party at home may also bring happiness to your heart.


You have the perfect words to charm, seduce, and inspire now that Venus has entered your solar third house, Sagittarius. Enchant everyone that you meet.


Be on the lookout for beautiful and rare possessions now and in the weeks to come, Capricorn. As Venus soars through your solar second house, you could find and attain many valuable things.


As Venus dances through your zodiac sign throughout most of February, all matters of love, pleasure, and beauty are in favor for you, Aquarius. Embrace this magical time.


Solitude will bring you creative inspiration if you choose to sit back and work on your own, Pisces. Venus will move through your solar twelfth house, assuring the Universe is guiding you toward revelations about how you express yourself.

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