Weekly Horoscope for July 18–July 24, 2021: An Energetic Shift Arrives!

July 18, 2021

A complete shift in the energy is coming up! But don’t fret, your weekly horoscope for July 18 has your back!

While the week ahead has generally sweet and sugary planetary aspects, the full moon that thunders over this week will be especially problematic. It’s best to utilize the pleasant energies to your greatest benefit, while keeping your antennae up for the full moon’s roar.

On July 20, our cosmic messenger, Mercury, orbiting in Cancer links in an exhilarating sextile with Uranus in Taurus. Exciting news will pop up, as our schedules shift in new directions. We will feel a heightened level of intellectual energy that may bring us flashes of insight and an expanded perception. We will have an easier time seeing things from a unique perspective. Also, with Taurus holding ties to real estate and Cancer holding rulership over the home, this would be an auspicious day to make changes or sign agreements about any of these things.

Venus enters Virgo & Leo Season Begins

Sweet Venus moves into Virgo beginning July twenty-first, joining her champion, Mars. In the weeks ahead, we will be focused on being practical and grounded in love and relationship matters. Being of service to those who we care for will be especially fulfilling. Give gifts, spend quality time, and show people that you care rather than just saying it.

On July 22, Venus in Virgo stands opposite Jupiter in Pisces. Of all of the oppositions, this is certainly the most delightful. This will make it a rather sweet day for making love, partying, and indulging in our heart’s desires. Enjoy yourself and celebrate life.

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Leo Season Begins

The mighty sun ignites in its domicile zodiac sign beginning July 22. Leo season arrives with a burst of energy and firepower, as we feel our passions call out to us. This particular period of the year favors recreation, fun, romance, and creativity, so we will let our hearts lead the way. Yet, with so much fixed sign conflict this year—with the T-square between planets in Leo opposed to those in Aquarius and square to Taurus, we will be headed to a more tumultuous Leo season than we may initially have expected. This means that there could be resistance to our passions, as our priorities call us to handle other responsibilities.

Asteroid Vesta in Libra: Rekindling the Flame of Our Desires

However, the most challenging aspect of the week will surely be the arrival of the full moon in Aquarius on July 23. This will be the first of two back-to-back lunations in this zodiac sign, with the second appearing a month from now. Of the two, this will be the one that could bring more disheartening news. Pluto will oppose the sun. The ruler of the full moon, Uranus, will still be battling with Saturn, indicating a struggle to break free. Keep your schedule light, as the universe could throw obstacles at every turn.

To end the week, jovial Mercury in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces on July 24. Prepare for a day of heightened creativity, spirituality, and sensitivity. This will soften the rather rocky energy, so amidst the storm, do your best to lead with compassion.

Major Transits of the Week

7/20 — Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

7/21 — Venus enters Virgo

7/22 — Sun enters Leo

7/22 — Venus in Virgo opposite Jupiter in Pisces

7/23 — Full moon in Aquarius

7/24 — Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

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Your Weekly Horoscope for July 18


A full moon arrives this week, spotlighting your solar eleventh house of community, Aries. This is the first of two back-to-back full moons in this arena and could indicate a hardship or conflict with a friend.


Your weekly horoscope for July 18 says you are in the limelight this week, Taurus. The first of two back-to-back full moons in your solar tenth house of achievements will appear. A turning point, culmination, or shift around your career will be at hand.


Get ready to be focused on intellectual growth this week, Gemini. A full moon in your solar ninth house of expansion will resound, helping you to pursue an academic, media, or traveling plan.


A major expense or financial burden may appear this week, Cancer. A full moon in your solar eighth house of shared assets and investments clashes with Pluto, representing troubling news may be afoot.


A significant turning point around a main business or romantic partnership will take place this week, Leo. A full moon across the sky in your solar seventh house could bring a rude awakening, ending, or conflict that has been bubbling beneath the radar.


Watch your health this week, Virgo. A full moon in your solar sixth house of fitness and diet will appear. It conflicts with Pluto, the planet of transformation, and could bring unsettling news that you must attend to rapidly.


An intense full moon in your solar fifth house of love and passion will take the night this week, Libra. A conflict or power struggle could be rippling beneath the waters.


Get ready for some heavy news around home or family this week, Scorpio. A full moon in your solar fourth house will be conflicting with Pluto, bringing a dark feel to the cosmos.


Be extremely careful about what you write, speak, and communicate this week, Sagittarius. A full moon in your solar third house clashes with malevolent Pluto and could show that an enemy or authority figure is out to tarnish your name.


Heavy financial news could appear this week, Capricorn. As a full moon in your solar second house of money overrules the days ahead, you may have to shoulder a significant expense out of nowhere.


The first of two back-to-back full moons in your zodiac sign will appear this week, Aquarius. You may be caught in the midst of a significant power struggle and feel vengeance boiling in your blood.


Your weekly horoscope for July 18 says take care of your mental health this week, Pisces. A full moon in your solar twelfth house will crackle with fire, increasing your anxiety or bringing bad dreams. Meditate and release what you cannot control.