Your Weekly Horoscope for July 25–July 31, 2021: Big Changes Ahead!

July 25, 2021

The week ahead is one of big astrological changes—good thing your weekly horoscope always had your back!

A week filled with many planetary ingresses means that we will surely feel a shift in the wind. Our lives will be moving in exciting directions as the heavens encourage us to break into fresh territory while also reviewing everything that we’ve built in 2021 thus far. The mood for the week starts off a bit rocky, but becomes more pleasant.

On July 25, our cosmic messenger, Mercury in Cancer, stands opposite powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn. This will create an intense conflict in our lives around ideas and plans. As we battle it out with others, we may be pulled into a cesspool of drama. This can cause one side to dominate the other, perhaps even to use tactics such as mind control, abuse, or intimidation. Practice extreme caution and if someone is out to attack you, sidestep the conflict and respond once you feel less frantic.

Mercury quickly dances into the kingdom of Leo shortly thereafter on July 27. Our thoughts will be colored with less emotion and become ignited with passion and creativity. Confidence will radiate out from us, as if we are each a bright star. Communication will become especially grand in the weeks to come, but we may be prone to focusing on our own egos and thoughts rather than hearing the input of others.

Jupiter Re-enters Aquarius

July 28 brings an important turning point in 2021, as our Great Benefic, Jupiter re-enters Aquarius, where it will stay until December 28. Recent months gave us a preview of the general energy that will take hold in 2022. In the months ahead, there will once again be a surge of luck and collective focus on the global community, science, technology, human rights, space, and astrology. Reflect on how your life was progressing from December 2020 until mid-May 2021 and the same themes will rise before you now.

July 29 will bring a larger-than-life energy, as Mars stands opposite Jupiter. Our self-confidence will expand tenfold and our desire to conquer whatever we set our eyes upon will be ever strong. Luck will shower down upon those who seize the day, put themselves out there, and take action. While this can very easily be applied toward any personal goal, it can also be harnessed within our relationships—as a sexy allure oozes out from our skin! This could bring you a big win, so go for it!

To end the week, mighty Mars roams the gardens of Virgo from July 29 until September 14. In the period ahead, we will collectively become extremely focused on work, health, and productivity. The pace of life will quicken and we can make a tremendous amount of progress on whatever we hone our attention upon.

Your weekly love horoscope contains valuable information for the week ahead!

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Major Transits of the Week

7/25 — Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn

7/27 — Mercury enters Leo

7/28 — Jupiter retrograde re-enters Aquarius

7/29 — Mars in Leo opposite Jupiter in Aquarius

7/29 — Mars enters Virgo

Your Weekly Horoscope for July 25


Jupiter will leave behind your solar twelfth house to re-enter your solar eleventh house this week, Aries. This means that you will see luck and fortune around your network, friendships, and communities.


Prepare to reach a new career pinnacle, Taurus. This week, the Great Benefic, Jupiter, returns to your solar tenth house to bring you great achievements for the rest of the year.


As Jupiter leaves your solar tenth house of achievements after a very brief stay, you’ll get a hint of what 2022 will look like for you, Gemini. This week, he re-enters your solar ninth house and will bring you luck around media, academic, travelling, or legal matters.


Jupiter will spin backward in a retrograde into your solar eighth house of assets, Cancer. This means you’ll have a great opportunity to review and expand your investments and wealth.


If you’ve been on rocky terrain in your relationships in recent months, prepare for a sweeter period ahead, Leo. Benevolent Jupiter spins backward into your solar seventh house of relationships this week to bring harmony.


If you’ve been in the midst of heavy assignments and a work overload in recent months, things will begin to improve this week, Virgo. As Jupiter spins backward into your solar sixth house, your job will feel more like a joy.


Your weekly horoscope says to prepare for blessings to rain down on your heart once again, Libra. Jupiter, our giver of luck and miracles, returns to your solar fifth house this week for the rest of the year.


You’ll have an opportunity to once again improve any home, real estate, or family matters beginning this week, Scorpio. Jupiter, our Great Benefic, revisits your solar fourth house until the end of December.


Your weekly horoscope assures you that luck is returning to your solar third house of communications this week, Sagittarius. Your ruler, mighty Jupiter, will be here guiding you for months to come.


If you’ve been feeling the strain on your finances in recent months, there’s a shift in the breeze, Capricorn. Benevolent Jupiter will once again grace your solar second house of money beginning this week.


Get ready for blessings to once again rain down upon you, Aquarius. Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, and miracles, will return to your zodiac sign until December 28.


For months you’ve enjoyed your co-ruler, Jupiter, dancing in your zodiac sign, Pisces. However, this week he returns to your solar twelfth house, helping you to feel guidance and healing from the universe on the deepest of levels.