Weekly Horoscope: March 14–March 20, 2021

March 14, 2021

As we enter the week, the new moon in Pisces will still be calling to us. New moons open a doorway for seven to ten days after they appear, encouraging us to create our lives and take action. While new moons always bring something new to our lives—even if it’s just a fresh perspective—it is up to us to show the Universe our intent and seize the day. Use this week to watch for synchronicities, embrace your intuition, and tap into both your creative and spiritual sides.

Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, will dance onward into the seas of Pisces beginning March 15. During this time, our thought processes will be tied to our emotions and sensitivity. While our psychic natures will be enhanced, we will find that our moods color our communication. We may suddenly be more imaginative as well as communicate ourselves more poetically. Speaking from the heart will be easier now as we can find the right things to say.

On March 16, the fiery sun in Pisces will link in a sextile to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn. This merge of water and earth speaks well of planting important seeds as well as the harvest from previous laid efforts. Personal power will be increased by this transit, as we are able to influence others much more easily. Ambition, determination, and strength will be heightened, as we seek to achieve our goals actively and immediately. If we utilize our power to aid others and ourselves, we can be rewarded.

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However, if we are destructive and seek to harm someone, negative repercussions will likely follow. Another manifestation of this energy can be that of enhanced sexual allure. The great light of the sun merges with the hypnotic energy of Pluto, allowing us to stand attractively and firmly in our confidence. This may draw others to us who we may seek to embrace.

March 18 brings yet another link to Pluto, a sextile from Venus in Pisces. This intensifies our need for love and passion significantly. We hunger to be understood and felt by others. Committed couples can harness this vibration toward united transformation and deeper sexual gratification. Singles must be cautious at this time, as they could be swept up in a whirlwind romance that may change their life irreversibly.

To end the week, one of the most important periods of the year has arrived: the Spring Equinox! This officially marks the beginning of the zodiac year and is a time of newness. Fresh starts, new beginnings, and a sense of rebirth have arrived. With Aries season here, we are ready to embrace a whole new chapter of our journeys here on Earth. Welcome in the Spring season as you contemplate what you’d like to create in the months to come.


Major Transits of the Week

3/15 — Mercury enters Pisces

3/16 — Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn

3/18 — Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn

3/20 — Sun enters Aries

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As Mercury trades zodiac signs this week, you’ll find that your mind may be concerned with more personal or private matters for the days ahead. Lie low and brainstorm. Let yourself dream, Aries.


With our cosmic messenger, Mercury, shifting into high gear and soaring into your solar eleventh house this week, Taurus, you’ll hear from many friends. This is also an especially great time to expand your social media presence or digital network.


With your ruler, Mercury, bringing activity to your solar tenth house, Gemini, you’re going to have an extra special edge in professional matters. Focus on how you can use your communications skills to leave an impact.


Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, curves into your solar ninth house this week, Cancer. Your mind will suddenly be lost in far away places as you dream of where you’d still like to soar.


As Mercury moves into your solar ninth house this week, Leo, your head will be spinning about intimacy. Consider how you can articulate your needs more sensitively.


With your ruler, Mercury, clicking into place across the sky from you this week, Virgo, your mind is on one thing only: partnerships.


As Mercury dances into your solar sixth house this week, Libra, you’ll be able to articulate your ideas to coworkers about work projects more easily.


Get ready for the perfect words when it comes to matters of love, Scorpio. Mercury will bring laughter, memes, and compliments that make your heart swell.


As Mercury dances into your domestic sphere this week, Sagittarius, you may find that discussions at home go much easier.


With the planet of the mind, Mercury, heading into your solar third house of communication, you’re primed to have the perfect things to say regarding all business matters.


Mercury will leave you behind this week to finally soar into your solar second house of finances, Aquarius. This will assure that you have great clarity about how to budget and handle your money going forward.


As Mercury enters your zodiac sign to spend the next few weeks, you’ll become a wordsmith, Pisces. Harness this persuasive ability to convince everyone of your perspective.

Art by Becca Reitz