Weekly Horoscope: October 18-24, 2020

October 17, 2020

This week begins with the sun in Libra creating a square with Saturn in Capricorn on Sunday, bringing an element of constraint to our planned activities for the day. In this Venus-ruled sign, the sun wants to have a picnic brunch, but Saturn is asking us to reign it in and conserve our energy. Since it’s not exactly going to feel like a Sunday Funday, it’s best to take it easy and tend to any tasks or responsibilities you put off for the week. Let the roadblocks inspire you to move slowly and go within. 

On Monday, our vigor and fire come back online with Mars making a square to Jupiter, infusing us with a heaping serving of courage, strength, and passion. Perhaps we came to a realization from Saturn’s blocks that inspires us to move forward in a different way. Either way, we’ll definitely be activated in some way by Jupiter’s favorable receiving from power to Mars, who’s been feeling less inspired and turned-on than usual. 

This rush of Mars/Jupiter energy is paralleled by retrograde Mercury’s opposition to Uranus in Taurus, which can also create excess stimulation and mental processes. Our antennas will be hot, so it’s wise to have a channel to direct it through. Soothing out the influx of inspiration and deep reservoir of intuition hits coming through as Venus in Virgo perfects a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. This is rich witch energy! A highly favorable and fortunate meetup, it comes with the potential to make it rain on our love and business relationships. 

On Wednesday, Venus forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a great time to have an honest heart to heart with someone about what your deepest fears are. You’ll have the honest, no-bs support to share intimately that has the potential to create a long-lasting bond. We could also feel an increase in power to accomplishing big money goals and map out the steps it would take to get there. 

The sun enters Scorpio on Thursday for the next month, plunging us into the depths of our psyches. Communing with the spirit world is easier because our intuition is on high and the veil is getting thinner as we approach Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead. We’re more adept to go about our business with more intensity and fervor, investigating deeper than we normally would. 

The week wraps up with Venus in Virgo forming a harmonious aspect with Saturn on Saturday, which is a great time to say yes to a contract or a proposal you’ve been offered. Making any kind of commitment in love or romance gets the Saturn stamp of approval. If you’ve been putting off organizing your finances, do some catch-up work and look into the details today. 

Major Transits of the Week:

10/18 – Sun square Saturn: delays, blocks, limitations, consequences, reigning in, conservative, constraint

10/19 – Mars square Jupiter: courage, strength, bravery, passion, infusion of will

10/19 – Mercury opposition Uranus: a surge of restlessness, excess mental energy, intuition

10/19 – Venus trine Jupiter: highly favorable & fortunate meetup, making it rain on our relationships & finances

10/21 – Venus trine Pluto: support in our deepest fears around intimacy and love 

10/22 – Sun enters Scorpio: plunging into the depths of our psyches, communing with the spirit world, the veil is getting thin, intuitive powers on high, we go about our business with more intensity and fervor, we investigate

10/24 – Venus trine Saturn: a good time to say yes to a contract or proposal, making a commitment in love, bringing structure and systemization to finances


Tensions arise in your relationship having to do with the demands and responsibilities of your career with the sun in Libra squaring Saturn in your tenth house. You’re finally getting an influx of positive reinforcement coming your way, but that may mean putting some people on the sidelines in order to take action. Venus in your sixth forms a trine to all the planets in your tenth house this week. Making a habit of showing gratitude and receiving pleasure in your day-to-day—no matter how small—can assist any work or career-related projects that just began pushing forward again. Finally, with the sun entering your eight house of rebirth and transformation, get ready because you’re being propelled through another initiation for the next month. 


Commit to habits, rituals, and routines that support your new way of seeing the world. You’ve been undergoing a massive belief shift this year and have made some concrete changes in your world as of late and just because you’ve been doing something one way forever does not mean it needs to stay the same. What activities bring you back to equilibrium after a long day? Your ruling planet Venus is forming a steady and supportive aspect to the activator planets in Capricorn—all in your ninth house all week, asking you to recommit to joy and creativity. It will get you farther than all work and no play.


The downloads you are receiving from this Mercury retrograde in your sixth house will give you clues as to the themes that will arise when the sun enters Scorpio later this week. Your wellness and your vitality are likely to be front and center. Are your daily rituals supporting your health in some way? Now is a great time to cut a draining habit loose. If you’ve been giving your home environment or family some much needed TLC, congratulations, the work you’ve been doing is paying off. You’re beginning to see the results of your efforts in heeding to the call of your intuition and tending to your inner world and immediate environment. 


There’s an especially big focus on your most intimate and personal partnerships this season, Cancer. You might encounter a situation where you and someone you’re close with just don’t see eye to eye on something. That’s okay, both of your viewpoints are valid. It’s not a deal-breaker and you’ll eventually be able to come to terms with how you both think and come to different conclusions. Ultimately it will bring you closer, but it is important for you to speak your truth. Avoid being nitpicky about it and stick to the facts. There’s a boost in energy that comes into your career sector, whether it’s through a new client or a referral from your existing partnerships, that will have you walking a bit taller. It’s a nudge in the right direction, but there are still delays. 


You’re beginning to understand how much your mindset is a key factor in how you show up in your day-to-day, Leo. Creating more awareness and recognizing the quality of your thoughts right now will help you notice where you are holding yourself back. Write those beliefs down on paper so you can become fully conscious of them. Putting off obligations and responsibilities that arise every single day is only setting yourself back. Write down your most important tasks, obligations, and responsibilities and do a brain map of how you would ideally like to structure your day. Break it down and block it out. Build new nourishing activities that support your self-care. Make time for beauty and art. More than just getting your day more organized, you’re learning more about the inner workings of who you are, what your core needs are, and how you respond to your environment. 


You’re feeling a boost in confidence this week as romance is likely in the air or you’re finally making headway on a creative project, Virgo. If you’ve been taking it easy, going slow, and making time for gratification, bliss, and indulgence, this is the week it all sinks in. You deserve this. You’re way more understanding of your worth on whole new levels. There’s real potential here for you to come into a great deal of abundance as there is a lot of supportive energy coming your way this week. Stay in a receptive state and allow yourself to be open to any blessings that come to you. It’s likely that the situations, people, and opportunities that are presenting themselves are here for the long term.


This week starts off feeling restricted for you as the sun in your first house is making a square to Saturn in the fourth house of your home and inner world. Instead of saying yes to those social plans, opt to stay in and do some tending to your chores and responsibilities on Sunday. It will likely be a somber day for you, and you won’t be in the mood for fun and games anyway. Don’t panic though because your partnerships get a boost of positivity on Monday. The more honest and real you can be with your trusted friends, romantic partners, or co-workers, the more you can feel supported in your needs being met. If you’re feeling a little unappreciated or unseen, you’re being invited to see where you can bring even more love to the hidden and repressed aspects of you. Your self-worth, income, and things you value most will receive the light of your conscious awareness for the next month as the sun enters Scorpio, urging you towards deeper insights that reveal your soul’s truest desires to you. 


Scorpio season may officially be starting this week, but you’ve been off on your deep dive already with Mercury stationing retrograde in your first house of the self while the sun currently illuminates your twelfth house of subconscious mind. You’re doing some deep, internal excavations, entering into portals left and right, on a quest and hunt for information about your inner workings, Scorpio! The information you find lights up even more of your being and contributes to the Phoenix-style rebirth you’ve been headed towards for the last couple of weeks. You’re coming up for air and integrating these themes into the very core of your being. Positive reinforcements about your mental transformation come your way and people are starting to respond to the way you speak. You’re commanding more presence and authority over your voice—use them wisely!


Your career and finances get a boost with Venus sitting in your tenth house creating a trine to Jupiter in your second house of income. Your hard work is paying off, Sagittarius! Stick with the friends and networks that harmonize with you and uplift your work. You’re finding balance around giving yourself time and giving so much of your energy to so many of your peers—you’re popular these days. You’ll most likely be feeling the consequences of not valuing your time and efforts, so be extra discerning about who gets a slice of your pie. The sun enters your twelfth house of all things behind the scenes on Thursday, withdrawing some of your energy to tend to more spiritual matters. Take some time to get quiet and integrate all the wins you’re collecting this week. 


More constraints around how much time and energy you’re giving to your career are in store for you this week, Capricorn. You’ve been learning the art of balancing your home life and your work. You need time to integrate and incorporate all the new lessons you’re learning about your spiritual outlook, but this is a perfect week to synthesize and share these insights with your people. The sun enters your eleventh house of friends and social networks, boosting your popularity. 


With everything that’s been going on behind the scenes and underneath the hood for you, you’re being asked to integrate and distill the most important lessons or understandings that have come through as of late. Your spiritual fortitude is growing because you’re being set up for one hell of 2021 with Saturn and Jupiter entering your sign at the end of the year. Trust that all the solitude, time alone, digging deep, and going within will pay off. If you’ve been avoiding your darkness, it should be a little easier this week to access the subconscious realms. Whatever Mercury retrograde is bringing up, will clue you into what Scorpio season has in store for your career and public image.


The spotlight has been on relationships for you, especially during this Libra season, with the sun’s ruler (Venus) in your seventh house of committed partnerships! Feeling supported by your closest confidants is what matters most right now. The sun enters Scorpio, shifting now towards higher education, travel, or deeper learnings. Hopefully, your network is assisting you in the exponential growth and evolution you’ve been experiencing this year. Share your spiritual insights with others in a blog, podcast, or video because your message is powerful right now, Pisces! 

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