Your Weekly Horoscope for October 24 – October 30, 2021: Things Heat Up as Mars Enters Scorpio!

October 23, 2021

Your weekly horoscope for October 24 is here and it’s looking hot!

The major astrological news this week centers on Mars: the planet of drive, focus, and energy. Generally speaking, a Mars cycle takes nearly two years for it to travel throughout the zodiac in honor of the sun. During each of its mini-tours of the signs, he typically brings an intense collective focus to specific themes and areas of interest for about five weeks. Mars not only holds rulership over passion, sex, and war, but also empowers us to take matters of life into our own hands. In recent weeks, our red planet has sizzled in the zodiac sign of Libra, bringing partnership and relationship situations to the forefront of our lives. We have had the opportunity to unite closer with someone who is our mirror or to face off with others who may have instead become antagonistic competition.

Mars Enters Scorpio:

Now as Mars finishes up his twin’s tango, we will have just mere days to create any last changes and make them count. On October 30, Mars will become submerged in the otherworldly depths of Scorpio. Here we will collectively experience a hunger to pursue our greatest emotional desires in an “all or nothing” hunger. We will want to cut to the heart of all important matters and explore our most passionate levels of existence. We may thirst for drama out of a need for change, transformation, and rebirth. Globally there will be a surge of interest in the taboo, occult, sexual matters, and the macabre. Mars will swim in the nether realms until December 13, 2021.

Previously, though, we will have three key planetary aspects that also take our focus this week. On October 26, sweet Venus in Sagittarius will square misty Neptune in Pisces. This will have a weakening effect upon our sense of confidence, our relationships, and emotions. Relationship difficulties will likely arise due to a distorted view of reality, guilt, or insecurity. We may become victim to scandals or con men during this time, so it is best to keep your wits about you.

Later, on October 28, Venus in Sagittarius will sextile Jupiter in Aquarius. This is a joyous planetary influence, making it the perfect time for partying, socializing, and making love. With autumn events likely to fill many people’s calendars in the Northern Hemisphere, tonight would be a fabulous one to immerse yourself in everything creative and enjoyable!

To finish the week, the sun will square Saturn in Aquarius on October 30. Tests and challenges will likely make it difficult for us to get what we are after. Disappointments will likely manifest, so it is best to keep your schedule light and do not do anything impulsively. It will come back to bite you in the end.

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Major Transits of the Week

10/26 — Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

10/28 — Venus in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Aquarius

10/30 — Mars enters Scorpio

10/30 — Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius

weekly horoscope october 24

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Your Weekly Horoscope for October 24


Your planetary ruler, Mars, turns a corner and dives into the depths of your solar eighth house this week, Aries. This will likely increase your large expenses significantly as you may soon make a major important purchase.


Mighty Mars stands across the sky from you this week, Taurus. This will begin a major new trend that focuses on working in tandem with a significant partner.


Prepare to become extremely busy, Gemini. Active Mars will shift gears into your solar sixth house of productivity this week, likely bringing huge new projects and responsibilities upon your shoulders from your employer.


The time has come to reinvigorate your life with passion, Cancer. Sexy Mars will bring scintillating fire to your solar fifth house beginning this week.


Your horoscope for October 24 warns you that a major family or domestic matter will consume your focus starting this week for many to come, Leo. Mars will bring activity to your solar fourth house.


As Mars shakes off the chains of your solar second house, he will happily pounce into your solar third house of travel, Virgo. This means that starting this week you could begin bounding around on many short distance trips for business or pleasure.


You will retain the power of Mars in your zodiac sign until October 30, Libra. Make this week count—because it does. You won’t feel his energy in your zodiac sign again for nearly two years.


Sound the alarms and light off the firecrackers, Scorpio! Your co-ruler, Mars, will finally ignite your zodiac sign for the first time in nearly two years starting at the end of this week.


As fiery Mars takes a deep dive into your solar twelfth house this week, you’ll likely become especially busy working on the development of important milestone projects behind closed doors, Sagittarius.


Your horoscope for October 24 says to prepare for a surge in popularity, Capricorn! As sexy and magnetic Mars lights up your solar eleventh house this week, you are now the new royalty in town.


Major professional milestones will start to cascade before you as if you are an emperor conquesting your industry, Aquarius. Mars will begin a tour of your solar tenth house of achievements at the end of this week.


With Mars soon igniting a fellow water sign at the end of this week, you will feel a surge of momentum toward all of your personal and professional plans, Pisces. It is time to soar in wild new directions.