Sun Square Saturn

Sun Square Saturn Natal

When Saturn forms a square aspect with the sun at birth, it gives you relentless determination in overcoming whatever obstacles and limitations you encounter. The challenges you face as part of your growth process ultimately make you stronger. They force you to bolster aspects of your life you find to be in need of greater development. You can not only be hard on yourself for not performing to the standard you set for yourself, you can also be harshly critical of others who do not meet your expectations. Learning how to effectively listen to others and show compassion for their own struggles in overcoming difficulties will help you cultivate supportive relationships rather than ostracizing people who are capable of providing nurturance for you. You have a pioneering character who can take the lead during a crisis or any period of instability. When others are faltering in fear or hesitant to take action in an unstable circumstance, your resilient drive is a valuable resource.

Sun Square Saturn Transit

You will experience an illumination of changes occurring in the underlying structures of your life. Take time today to reflect upon the best way to respond to any challenges. When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with your natal Saturn, you will have the opportunity to begin reshaping foundational elements of your life. Instead of faltering in fear of changing circumstances or loss, seize the moment in order to actively work toward the outcome you desire. It’s also possible today that you may feel criticized by an authority figure or have inner vulnerabilities and insecurities exposed in another way. Analyze the feedback you receive in order to separate out elements of constructive criticism. You can utilize this information to improve your performance in the future. It will be important to take responsibility for handling your duties today and make amends where necessary. You may experience a range of emotions—from depression to frustration—regarding obstacles and barriers in your way. These feelings will pass due to the short nature of this transit, but you will be able to integrate important insights regarding the issues stirred up by it.

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