Weekly Horoscope: October 25–October 31, 2020

October 24, 2020

As October concludes, our lives will shift once again. An emotionally intense week has arrived as planets change zodiac signs and a mighty full moon rocks our paths. As we have recently entered Scorpio season, we are going deep into our emotions and inner needs. Scorpio season rules the “shadow self” and is the time of year where we can explore not only our inner motivations but also the areas of our consciousness that we do not often bring into the light. So this is the time to commit to do your shadow work with these six Scorpio season dates that deliver transformation. 

Intimacy and sexuality may also emerge for you as key themes this week. Our possessive natures may also become more apparent as we hunger for union with a soulmate no matter the cost. This week will also be one of the slowest in 2020, as both Mars and Mercury are fast asleep and moving backwards in the sky. Rest and re-evaluate your plans now. Turn within and reflect on what has led you to be where you currently are. People from your past could emerge this week. In fact, it’s the most likely week of the year for it to happen. If you’d like to reconnect with anyone, be sure to reach out in the days to come—especially the twenty-fifth.

On October 25, the blazing sun will join in perfect alignment with our cosmic messenger, Mercury. They will meet in the stormy seas of Scorpio, marking the official turning point in our current Mercury retrograde cycle. We have made it halfway through this current transit and are nearly on the other side! With our messenger planet moving backward, this means you will likely be reflecting on the past and have sudden revelations about it. Intuitive messages are likely to come through at this moment. If looking for a great day to set meetings, send an important message, or have a significant discussion—especially with someone from the past—this would be your ideal day despite the retrograde motion. 

Beloved goddess Venus will enchant the world the instant that she moves into one of her favorite places to tour—Libra—beginning on the twenty-seventh. Make the most of the playful and exciting energy of Venus in Libra with  our Daily Flirt Tarot!

In the weeks ahead, our relationships should become sweeter and more harmonious. While it is not an ideal time to commit because of the retrogrades of Mars and Mercury, you can certainly enjoy more laughter and pleasure within pre-existing partnerships. 

On this same day, Mercury will leave the waters of Scorpio to return to the realm of Libra, too. For the rest of the week, expect to revisit miscommunications within your relationships or hear from people from the past. If you’d like to clear the air about a matter, you’ll now have more charm to discuss it and find an agreement.

The week ends with a very intense full moon in Taurus on October 31. Happy Halloween! This full moon will begin to be felt a few days prior and will spill over into the coming week. This luminary will bring attention to your prosperity and how stable your life is. Yet, on this same day, the sun will clash violently in an opposition with Uranus. This means that sudden or shocking news will emerge at this time. Unexpected changes may shift your plans—so do your best to not act too impulsively and lie low to not put yourself at risk of stepping into harm’s way. Listen to your intuition above all and keep your antennae up!

Major Transits of the Week

10/25 — Sun conjunct Mercury: clarity, insight, and intuition

10/27 — Venus enters Libra: partnerships, unions, and romance

10/27 — Mercury retrograde re-enters Libra: reviewing partnerships in our lives

10/31 — Full moon in Taurus: intensity, prosperity, and turning points

10/31 — Sun opposite Uranus: shocking news, revelations, surprises, and turns of fortune


With Venus moving into your sector of partnerships mid-week, you will feel more harmony and happiness in your personal relationships. Yet, with Mercury beginning to backspin within this same area, you could find yourself revisiting discussions or agreements with people that have not yet been settled. Do so with grace. As the full moon arrives at the end of the month, prepare for a sudden focus on your finances that could bring surprising cash flow or a heavy expense.


As the sun blazes a trail through your sector of partnerships, you are highly focused on what you give and receive in your relationships. However, as your ruler enters your solar sixth house and employment zone mid-week, you could enjoy more pleasure on the job or with coworkers. Find some time to laugh and appreciate your day job. As the week comes to a close, a full moon in your zodiac sign will put you front-and-center. Step into your power.


As your ruler unites with the mighty sun in your solar sixth house on the twenty-fifth, you’ll have a breakthrough or realization about your work life. Use this knowledge to your greatest benefit in the weeks ahead as you reassess your strategy. Happily, with the goddess planet of love and beauty entering your passion sector mid-week, expect more pleasure in the weeks ahead. 


With the sun and Mercury forming a conjunction on the twenty-fifth, be sure to set an important romantic date or send a message from the heart. You’ll have luck on your side! Sparkling Venus will move into your domestic sector mid-week, ensuring more harmony and happiness at home. Consider dazzling up your space with fresh décor. As the full moon in your social sector appears at the end of the week, expect to hear shocking news regarding a friend. Have a small gathering at home and it could be more fun than you even expected!


If looking for an important breakthrough regarding a family or domestic matter, be sure to discuss details on the twenty-fifth, when the sun and Mercury will bring clarity to your solar fourth house. Contracts and negotiations are sure to be on your mind the rest of the week as Venus moves into this sector mid-week, and the full moon in your solar tenth house on the thirty-first turns your mind further to career endeavors.


If you have an important campaign or proposal to launch, especially one you’ve been fine-tuning, use the twenty-fifth with the sun and Mercury in unison in your solar third house. Also, with blessed Venus in your zodiac sign until the twenty-seventh, use the early days of the week to embrace more romance whether you are single or attached. Then, she will bring luck to your finances once she enters Libra and your solar second house of money.


Expect to shine like the belle of the ball once your ruler, Venus, brings you magnetism from the twenty-seventh onward when entering your solar first house. This is a magical week to update your wardrobe, freshen up your beauty routine, or enjoy some much-needed TLC. Single Libras will also experience more magnetism and luck in attracting suitors while committed ones will have the chance to get up close and intimate with their significant other.  


Prepare for a huge realization on the twenty-fifth with the sun and Mercury meeting in your zodiac sign and solar first house. This could bring you a major revelation that helps you reassess your strategy going forward. Yet, prepare for a major turning point in your relationships, triggered by the full moon on the thirty-first in your solar seventh house. This may either bring a union—or a break-up.


Prepare for invites and fun with friends once Venus moves into your solar eleventh house, your social sector mid-week. Plan to attend some events or time to catch up with your besties. Yet, get ready for important news regarding your employment, triggered by the full moon in your solar sixth house on the thirty-first. You may be taking on more responsibilities—or see a coworker suddenly leave, forcing you to step in!


When Venus moves into your solar tenth house of achievements sector mid-week, you’ll notice more compliments and attention from bosses, executives, and VIPs. They may congratulate you on a job well done. This could also be a wonderful time where you see more awards or fame come your way. The week will end on a passionate note, with a full moon in your solar fifth house highlighting love, creativity, and fertility.


Expect a sudden breakthrough in your professional life on the twenty-fifth as the sun and Mercury work in total unison in your solar tenth house. Set an important meeting or send proposals or emails then. However, the full moon in your solar fourth house on the thirty-first will bring your attention to a domestic or family matter, instead. Watch what pops up then.


With Venus in your solar seventh house, your partnership sector until the twenty-seventh, you will feel happiness in your relationships. However, when she moves into your sector of intimacy and sexuality that day for the weeks ahead, you will enjoy more closeness if you are ready to open up to it (solar eighth house).

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