Your Weekly Tarot Reading for May 24-30, 2021: The Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse Is Here!

May 24, 2021

Eclipse season has arrived this week as we welcome a super full blood moon eclipse on May 26. Your weekly Tarot reading for May 24 is here to guide you on how to handle it!

Eclipses bring a swift energy of transition providing a time for reflection on what’s next and letting go of all that is no longer serving you on this path. This week’s cards echo this transformational energy with a major dose of clarity foretelling that what has been hidden will now be revealed.

After all, how can you make a decision to plot your next move if you cannot see clearly which direction you are headed in? Navigate this supercharged lunation by tuning into your head over your heart, remaining rational while not reacting, and embracing a more logical point of view.

Your weekly Tarot reading for May 23 provides additional cosmic support through this illuminating energetic shift.

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Aries: Queen of Swords Reversed

Be objective, Aries. Do not let your emotions cloud your vision or sway you when deciding this week. Being logical and sticking to the facts will help you see clearly as you navigate what steps to take next.

Taurus: The Devil Reversed

What has been holding you back, Taurus? It’s time to stop making excuses and putting off what clearly needs to be done now. You have a difficult decision to make, but once you do, you will be rewarded with the sense of freedom you have been craving.

Gemini: Nine of Cups

Your dreams are coming true, Gemini! Remember when you wanted everything that you have right now? Be sure to enjoy this moment and celebrate all the successes you have brought upon yourself. Express gratitude for the past and keep fantasizing about your future.

Cancer: Judgement

Let your intuition guide you, Cancer. The decision you are being faced with now will bring major change and have long-lasting effects on your future endeavors, so be sure to trust your inner wisdom as you weigh your options.

Leo: Three of Swords

Your weekly Tarot reading for May 24 comes with a clear message: Let go of your past, Leo. An old flame is popping back up, but all they are bringing to the table is your past pain. Keep going forward, stay focused on what you are doing, and pay them no mind. Remember that you have moved on!

Virgo: Three of Pentacles Reversed

Are you feeling underappreciated, Virgo? If your skills and experience are not being valued in your current work environment, it might be time to look for new opportunities that will enhance your growth and recognize all you have to offer.

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Libra: King of Swords

Seek out sage advice from someone you trust, Libra. To see your situation more clearly, you need to get out of your own head and seek an impartial outside perspective. Checking in with a trusted confidant will help you see the truth of the matter.

Scorpio: The Empress

Good news is on the way, Scorpio! A plan that has been a long time in the making is finally coming to fruition, but the work is not done yet! On the contrary, it has merely just begun! Focus on how you can continue to nurture this endeavor and support its growth.      

Sagittarius: Four of Swords Reversed

Are you burnt out from too much screen time, Sagittarius? A digital detox would do you some good! Spend more time in nature this week, and put your phone in airplane mode as you enjoy your surroundings. Your inbox can wait.

Capricorn: Ace of Cups

Embrace a new personal connection, Capricorn. Whether it is a budding romance or a beautiful friendship, intriguing people are coming into your life now! Where is this going? It is okay not to know yet. Just keep your heart open as you enjoy the excitement of getting to know someone.

Aquarius: Page of Wands

See where the wind takes you, Aquarius. Embrace the plan of “no plan” and keep a positive attitude as you take on new opportunities coming your way this week. It is okay to not know exactly which the final destination will be as long as you enjoy the ride.

Pisces: The Hermit

Decline the invitation, Pisces. Everyone wants to hang out with you this week, but it’s better to stay in if you just do not feel like socializing right now. Enjoy your alone time with no further explanation needed.