Your Weekly Tarot Reading for November 1-7, 2021: Take Time to Celebrate Yourself

November 1, 2021

We are now in November and your Tarot reading for November 1 has valuable guidance for the week ahead.

This week brings multiple beginnings via the start of a new month as well as a new lunar cycle (the moon is new on November 4), and the cards pulled for our Tarotscopes celebrate this fresh energy by offering moments of gratitude.

Even if your major goals and grand dreams have not yet been realized, reflect on your wins and successes thus far. Celebrate the people who have helped you get here. Take time to enjoy the small pleasures and notice the inherent beauty of your surroundings. Allow this week’s cards to guide you to a greater appreciation of what you are thankful for now.

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Aries: Ten of Cups

Your Tarot reading for November wants you to share your gratitude, Aries. Have you noticed how far you have come from where you used to be? During the week ahead, celebrate your grand wins and major successes, also acknowledge all the loved ones who have helped you get to this point. Count your blessings and express thanks all week long.

Taurus: King of Wands Reversed

Remember who you are, Taurus! An incredible opportunity is being presented to you now, but you are a little fearful of taking it on just yet. What is holding you back from stepping into your full potential? Do not let your fears wreck your confidence. Step up and be the leader everyone knows you to be.

Gemini: Temperance

Avoid extremes, Gemini. Even though your situation is changing, it is not happening as fast as you would like it right now. Trust that a shift is occurring, but you do not need to force it by making a dramatic move. Keep an open mind as you explore your options and navigate the current turbulence.

Cancer: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Learn from your mistakes, Cancer. Everything is just not going according to your plan right now, but do not give up or feel like this has been a waste of time just yet! The errors you made recently actually provide a helpful opportunity to learn as you ask yourself: “How can I do things differently next time?”

Leo: Knight of Wands

Your Tarot reading for November wants you to lean into your confidence, Leo! This is your opportunity to say yes, to push yourself a little harder, and pursue your goals with a major dose of ambition. Others are recognizing your drive, so it is an aligned time to take on more responsibilities at work and finally go after that promotion you desire.

Virgo: Six of Cups

Enjoy the simple pleasures, Virgo. Make space for more joy in your jam-packed calendar this week by throwing your usual routine out the window. Cancel a few meetings, shift around those appointments, and focus your energy on having some fun while appreciating the inherent beauty of your surroundings. This is the rejuvenating energy you need right now.

Libra: The Magician Reversed

Utilize your skills, Libra. You are manifesting your dreams slowly, but if you want to take it up a notch and see quicker progress, you must rely on your hidden talents. Do something a little unexpected this week in order to move your goals forward. What else resides in your toolkit? Get a little creative as you maximize your greatest potential.

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Scorpio: Seven of Wands Reversed

Your Tarot reading for November wants you to stop comparing yourself to others, Scorpio. This week, you need a little boost of confidence and a reminder of who you are at your core! Instead of focusing on all the mile markers you have not yet reached, think more about everything you have accomplished. This shift in perspective will relieve those feelings of inadequacy.

Sagittarius: Death Reversed

Embrace this moment of change, Sagittarius. It is time to move on and move forward. Once you let go of the past and become a willing participant in your present, everything will flow together more seamlessly. Change is nothing to be afraid of as it opens you up to infinite new possibilities.

Capricorn: The Hierophant

Stick to the tried and true, Capricorn. In order to succeed this week, take a practical approach as you utilize your time-honored methods. For the sake of saving time, it is unnecessary to get too creative or unconventional to complete your tasks and accomplish your goals right now. If it isn’t broken, there is no need to fix it!

Aquarius: Five of Wands

Let others be heard, Aquarius. You are going to find yourself in tense situations this week with a tendency for high conflict because everyone involved is just fighting to be heard. The best way to combat this energy is to not engage but rather step back, pause, and listen to the opposing points of view. Simply giving space to the other side will smooth over the tension.

Pisces: The World Reversed

Don’t take shortcuts, Pisces. You are so close to the finish line right now so do not give up or try to take the easy way out by sacrificing quality. It might take a little more time and energy, but putting your best effort in will ensure the results you desire.

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