Your Weekly Tarotscope for October 11-17, 2021 & a Mercury Retrograde Ritual

October 11, 2021

This week, your weekly Tarotscope helps you get through the last week of Mercury retrograde.

We are winding down to the final week of Mercury retrograde, the period of time when the planet of communication appears to spin backwards and infamously causes everything to go completely haywire: technology breaks down, miscommunications occur, travel goes awry, and everyone’s exes mysteriously reappear.

This planetary transit does not have to be all chaos, my dear, as long as you are prepared and protected! Use this time to slow down, gain clarity, and create your plans to put into action once Mercury goes direct (which happens to be next week!) If you need a little magical assistance, I have included a recipe for a ritual spray I use for further transparency and energetic shielding.

When you have a burning question, a live Tarot reading from a trusted advisor can bring the answer you seek!

A Mercury Retrograde Ritual Spray

Ingredients needed:
Distilled spring water
3 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (invokes clarity while cleansing and uplifting)
6 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil (invokes protection and peace as it purifies and heals)
6 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (invokes serenity and calm)
Black Tourmaline (it has protective, grounding properties, and banishes negative energies)
Smoky Quartz (grounding, balancing, clears energetic blockages)

Fill a spray bottle with all ingredients including crystals. (I love to have a few small chunks that fit inside the bottle) Shake and apply liberally to yourself, your energetic field, cell phone, laptop, pillows, the interior of your car, the corners and doorways of your and doorways, and anywhere else that you feel needs a little boost of protection and clarification.

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Your Weekly Tarotscope

Aries: Nine of Pentacles

Your weekly Tarotscope wants you to enjoy yourself, Aries! It’s time to take a break and treat yourself! What is the point of working so hard if you never take time off to relish in the sweetness of the fruits of your labor? Indulge in a long weekend so you can reset and refresh before getting back to your usual rigorous work routine.

Taurus: Six of Wands

Take the lead, Taurus. You have been wanting more responsibilities at work, and this is your moment to step up and show your leadership qualities. Others have been noticing your creativity and problem-solving skills and secretly applauding your initiative as well! Step more into your power this week.

Gemini: Ace of Pentacles

What do you wish to accomplish next, Gemini? Before you begin to manifest your goals, you need to gain clarity and insight into what you actually want to do! Take time this week to dream and consider the possibilities of which path you wish to forge ahead on so you can then create a solid plan to get yourself there.

Cancer: The Chariot

Let’s explore, Cancer! You have been yearning for a new environment and taking a little road trip will provide just the change in scenery you need for a little inspiration. Where will you go? What will you see? Throw yourself into the excitement of planning for a few days, then pack up the car, and go this weekend!

Leo: Eight of Swords Reversed

Your weekly Tarotscope wants you to face your fears, Leo. This is the hardest part because everything feels so much worse as you build it up in your head. Take a little peek at what you have been avoiding. You are ready to begin healing! This is a good week to ask for help and lean more on your support system

Virgo: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Major manifestation takes time, Virgo. Dreams do not come true overnight, so stop being so hard on yourself just because an intention is taking a little longer to come to fruition than you would like. Embrace patience and manage your expectations! You’ll reach your goal in due time, but a watched pot never boils.

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Libra: Ace of Swords

Cut out all the nonsense, Libra! When you strip everything away, all you are left with is the truth of the matter. It’s time to stick to the facts! Do not get distracted by emotions as you continue to dig through them. The breakthrough you are seeking is imminent once you release the extraneous fluff.

Scorpio: Knight of Swords Reversed

Not yet, Scorpio. You are brimming with excitement to begin a new project, but the timing is not quite right yet to start. Channel your energy elsewhere so you can release your frustrations but still be productive. Set up meetings, gather your supplies, and continue to make small adjustments to your plans before everything really gets rolling.

Sagittarius: Page of Wands

Express yourself, Sagittarius! If something is bothering you, you must make your feelings known. By speaking up and sharing the passion for what you believe in, you have the ability to spark significant changes. Who knows, you might even inspire others to do the same.

Capricorn: King of Swords Reversed

Your weekly Tarotscope asks you to seek a new perspective, Capricorn. To gain more information, try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Ask more questions and do your own research. Seeking out someone else’s experience will allow you to find greater clarity in your own point of view.

Aquarius: Knight of Cups

Listen to your heart, Aquarius. You cannot analyze your way out of this one! You can think and think and think some more, but you will only spin your wheels if you continue to just try to be logical. The secret to making more headway is when you tap into your emotions. Ask yourself: “Which option makes more comfortable?” That is your answer.

Pisces: Four of Cups Reversed

Stay in, Pisces. Release the inner pressure you feel to be out and about with your friends when you just do not feel like socializing right now. You don’t need to make excuses as to why you need a little more alone time. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and lose yourself in a good book this week.