Your Weekly Tarot Reading for September 6-12, 2021: A Ritual for the New Moon

September 6, 2021

Welcome to a powerful week in the sky! Here’s your weekly Tarot for the new moon along with a very powerful cleansing ritual.

No matter how old we are, the beginning of September still feels like back-to-school season and the start of something new, providing the perfect time to get organized and set goals that push us to be the best versions of ourselves. On September 6, the moon is new in methodical, practical, sensible Virgo. Invoking this “let’s get it done (and done right!) vibe of this moon, let’s clear the energetic, ephemeral, and physical clutter from our homes with this easy ritual to create space to call in something fresh and exciting as you plant your seeds of intention for the upcoming lunar cycle.

A Cleansing Ritual for the New Moon

Begin by doing a full house cleaning. I mean a DEEP clean! Sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors (and really get into those dark corners!) Wash the windows, scrub all surfaces with salt water, and do not forget to dust!

Open the windows and allow fresh air to circulate through the rooms for at least thirteen minutes. Burn some rosemary (an excellent herb for cleansing, protection, and healing) as you walk around the inside perimeter of your home, taking care to spend extra time wafting the smoke with your hand in each doorway and each window.

Sound is very cleansing. As you do this, say out loud “I release any energy that is not here for my Highest Good.” You can also pair this part of the ritual with a bell to ring as you move through your space. Light a white candle where it can remain undisturbed (the kitchen is best).

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Next, get rid of anything unnecessary. Do you remember those clothes you have been collecting to donate? Take them to wherever you need to drop them off! (And actually, do it today for real!) Now get the old stuff you have been meaning to go through, your closets, the cabinets, everything.

Start now! Get rid of anything you have not been using. It is time for it to GO!     

End the ritual with a warm bath or shower. Don’t you feel so much lighter? Your home is cleansed and sparkling, and the stage is set for your new intentions.

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Your Tarot Reading for the New Moon

Aries: Page of Cups Reversed

Your Tarot reading for the new moon says to keep your creative ideas to yourself, Aries. You are building something from nothing and refining your techniques as you go. This is an exciting moment, but it’s not yet time to share this endeavor with others. Enjoy the thrill of having a secret just a little bit longer.

Taurus: King of Swords

Keep it cool, calm, and collected, Taurus. You need a clear mind to navigate the stormy seas of your current situation so do not let the wild whims and emotions of others involved influence you as you make your decisions. Cut through the nonsense and get to the point so everyone can move on.

Gemini: The Chariot

Keep going, Gemini. Were you looking for a sign to just turn back and give up? Well, this is not it! Despite the challenges you have faced (and they have been immense lately!), you are moving forward and making your way to your destination with determination. Don’t lose your confidence.

Cancer: Six of Wands Reversed

Everything is unfolding for you in due time, Cancer. Everything might not be moving as fast as you would like it to, but you are on your own path and doing what you need to do at your own pace. Stop comparing yourself so much to others and their timelines! This is exactly where you need to be right now.

Leo: Nine of Pentacles

Treat yourself, Leo. Have you taken the time to take notice of all your accomplishments lately? Your hard work has been paying off, and now you are much closer to living the life of your dreams! It’s now time to celebrate all of your efforts! Buy yourself a gift this week.

Virgo: Nine of Swords Reversed

It’s not as bad as you thought it was, Virgo. Stop overthinking it and being so hard on yourself regarding this supposed “mess” you have found yourself in. If you shift your perspective to embrace a more positive mindset, you will see that it’s not an epic disaster but more of an opportunity to clean house and start anew.

Libra: King of Wands

Your Tarot reading for the new moon wants you to take the lead, Libra. Work is requiring your full concentration this week as you assume more responsibilities and pick up the slack for others around you. Make decisions confidently, and know that you have the ability to easily overcome any challenge that may come up. Nothing can shake your focus!

Scorpio: The High Priestess

You know exactly what to do, Scorpio. The path might not be crystal clear just yet, but your instincts are leading you in the right direction. Embrace patience, and don’t doubt yourself as you follow your heart to see where it takes you.

Sagittarius: Five of Pentacles Reversed

Your Tarot reading for the new moon assures you the hard times are coming to a close, Sagittarius. This is your turning point! Expect to receive good news, especially regarding your professional life. It’s an excellent time to level up, so make it known to your boss that you want that promotion, look for new clients, or take the job interview that promises a higher salary.

Capricorn: The Lovers

Do not be frivolous with your time or energy, Capricorn. The decisions you make this week will have a lasting impact, so don’t take anything lightly! Take your time as you weigh your options carefully before fully committing. You will be grateful for this moment of clarity later.

Aquarius: Five of Cups

It’s okay to be disappointed, Aquarius. Not everything works out as we had hoped, and the news you recently received has confirmed just that. On the brighter side, remember that allowing this opportunity to fall away will create space for something new and more aligned to your personal journey.

Pisces: The Tower Reversed

Avoiding change does not make it go away, Pisces. Embrace this moment of transition and view this as an opportunity to make your current situation better and encourage your personal growth. What needs to be spruced up? Take the time to cut away the dead leaves so other areas can truly flourish.

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