Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 8-14, 2021

February 7, 2021

This week brings the holiday of Valentine’s Day and setting aside the overhyped and very commercialized nature of this day of romance, we can get to the root of the true nature of this pink, flowery, candy-filled day: a celebration of the beauty of love in all of its forms! Try this Valentine’s Tarot spread to let love bloom!
Even if you are not coupled up at this moment, February 14 provides an aligned time to celebrate the most special relationship in your life, the one with yourself. (Because as RuPaul so eloquently says, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?
To assist in your celebration of how wonderful and fantastic you are, I have included my own personal self-love spell. This is best performed on the eve of Valentine’s Day or whenever you need a little self-love boost. 
For this spell, you will need your favorite candy or chocolate, six pink roses, one pink candle, pen and paper, a playlist of your fave love songs (anything by Sade is heavily encouraged), a Selenite Wand, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz (optional). 
Find a peaceful space in your home and cleanse the energy in whichever way feels comfortable to you (I like to use a Selenite wand). Press play on your romantic playlist. Slowly and carefully, pluck the petals from the pink roses and scatter them in a circle large enough for you to sit inside. Gather your crystals and get comfortable within your circle and take a few deep cleansing breaths in through your nose, letting them out through your mouth. 

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On your piece of paper, write down every single reason why you love yourself. This is your moment to really go for it! List the spiritual, emotional, and physical attributes you admire about yourself. Be thoughtful and indulgent and take as much time as you need. (I want to see at least 22 qualities on this list!) 
When completed, fold up the piece of paper and tuck it beneath your pink candle. As you light the candle, say aloud “These are all of the reasons I love myself. May nothing ever shake this love.” Stay in this moment as long as you need to do so. When ready, gather the rose petals, and run a warm bath. Sprinkle the petals in the water, and enjoy the rest of your romantic playlist with candy or chocolate as you enjoy this moment in the water. The ritual is now complete.
Please read on for this week’s Tarotscopes with guidance as to how to lean into the love for yourself! I am wishing you a very magical Valentine’s Day, however way you desire to spend it!

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Aries: Nine of Pentacles

Life is good, Aries! Your hard work and focus over the past few months have gotten you here, and now it’s time to ENJOY yourself! Notice all of your accomplishments and celebrate them. This is a good week to treat yourself…you deserve it!

Taurus: Ace of Wands Reversed

Welcome the distractions, Taurus. Are you finding it challenging to focus this week? Instead of fighting it, lean into it. You are on the precipice of being inspired and now is a good time to let your mind wander. Get lost in your daydreams to find the direction you are seeking.

Gemini: Knight of Swords Reversed

Be kinder to yourself, Gemini. You have so much ambition and drive, but it has been challenging to properly channel it. Take a look at how you are managing your stress. You are not doing yourself any favors by being this hard on yourself. Chill out by prioritizing rest and drinking more water this week.

Cancer: Nine of Wands Reversed

Remember your resilience, Cancer. Has life been feeling even more challenging than usual? We all experience grief, disappointment, and pain at some point—all of these emotions are part of our human experience! Instead of seeing these challenging situations as obstacles, reframe them as opportunities for growth.

Leo: King of Cups

Lead with compassion, Leo. Don’t lose your cool just because an unexpected curveball is thrown your way! Whatever it is, remember that you have the confidence and stable peace of mind to handle the situation and keep it drama free. 

Virgo: The Moon Reversed

Trust your intuition, Virgo. You know so much more than you are giving yourself credit for! Pay attention to what your instincts are telling you right now, because if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t a path you should pursue at this time. 

Libra: The Fool Reversed

It’s okay to fear the unknown, Libra. Something new is brewing for you, and it’s time for you to take a chance. Because everything is still taking form, it is completely understandable to feel fearful as to what to expect next, but don’t let it deter you from this upcoming endeavor.

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Scorpio: The Star Reversed

Emphasize your own self-care, Scorpio. Are you feeling completely depleted and exhausted? Instead of continuing to push yourself, take a break and focus on activities that nourish your spirit. A long bath would do you wonders right now.

Sagittarius: Queen of Swords Reversed

Watch out for miscommunications, Sagittarius. Be careful with your words to ensure you are saying what you ACTUALLY mean right now. Your direct manner of speaking is usually welcome, but it could verge on harsh when your inner circle is feeling more sensitive than usual. 

Capricorn: Strength Reversed

Push away your self-doubts, Capricorn. A recent setback should not be allowed to rock your entire sense of self-confidence! Take it in stride and have faith that everything will come together. This hitch has nothing to do with your capabilities, it’s just a matter of poor timing.

Aquarius: Two of Wands

Establish a plan, Aquarius. Your latest endeavor is going to require a little more thought and structure. It is so thrilling to embark on something new, but be sure to not get too carried away with the dreaming phase without a tangible action plan.

Pisces: The Magician

Don’t hold yourself back, Pisces. Everything is aligning for you right now, so do not be afraid to really go for it! The universe is asking you to step up to your full potential and own your power. You are ready for this moment.
Art by @mariathearcane