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Year of 2016: Cancer, you already know that home, career, and love can present the most crucial of life's continuing challenges, and this year the cosmos decided you need to review or polish each and every one of these categories.

You are bonded to the home more than any of the other signs and there could be that first signal in March when a Lunar Eclipse shines its heavy and bright light on your sanctuary. Although this wild card drops a hint about change on the premises as early as March, it isn't until September that Jupiter moves into the Fourth House and this actually spells out new happenings are eminent.

With your home life it could range from some minor renovation, to someone moving in, to an actual move. But, wait! Change can only take place in accordance with how much insecurity you can tolerate, which, for you, water baby, is minimal. Cancer does love to be safe and this may just be the year you question the caution you've been living with. A big change that feels scary at first can turn out great!

Then there's Uranus in the Tenth House of career, promising more rocking and rolling in the area of your work or your image. The last area to be stirred is Pluto still in the Seventh House of total commitment, hammering away at your love life and asking you to be even more true or faithful.

It could be that this year, when Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are up at bat and all will whack that ball out of the park, it's not personal, it's business, Cancer.

Year of 2016: In the area of love Pluto -- that tiny rock at the end of the Zodiac band -- packs a punch when it's in the Seventh House, as it is from the beginning until the end of the year. The heart is usually the recipient of this sudden emotional wallop and the effects of this lean toward steamy romance... and possibly clandestine affairs.

It's no secret that most Cancers yearn for privacy and resent anyone even asking a question about their personal life. It will be particularly hard to maintain privacy when in March a Lunar Eclipse is also a guest in the Fourth House of your chart, shining a light on the place where you live. This dramatic Eclipse gives a hint about the nature of the drama, especially family, or romantic drama that becomes a part of your home life in September when Jupiter moves in.

It's hot this year, and not just because of climate change. June and July set the scene for a summer of love, Cancer, and you are ready for the many thrills coming your way! With several stars behind the scenes a lot more intimacy has developed between you and a secret romantic interest.

If you are already in a relationship, whether long-term or just blossoming, that bond, too, has intensified -- or will. Usually more reserved about committing yourself and with a tendency to shun drama, you could have done a total reversal and faced it head on. Anyway, you are now ready to enjoy the fruits of all the risks you have taken.

It's particularly exciting when the renegade warrior star Mars is out of bounds as it is all year. He's totally acting and thinking out of the box, and moves through five of the personal houses of your chart with fervor and lusty actions. Mars is an instigator and when he moves into the Seventh House of commitment in September, it spells risky love and you could totally overwhelm your partner with your feelings if you overshare or overthink. Don't create issues that don't exist.

You have a strong will and a lot of sexy talk may be titillating, but it could have an unpredictable outcome. In October the cosmos is beaming superpower energy and you could be led into deeper intimacy. Now the world sees that under what appears to be a very controlled exterior, Crab, is a wildly passionate and extremely loving heart.

Finally, Uranus in your Tenth House of image, or how you present yourself to the world, also sends the signal that things are changing. He is the star of surprise and just when you think you have your love life figured out, or where you want it, a new set of circumstances pops up. The always conventional Cancer is sexually unconventional this year.

Year of 2016: Have you achieved your goals in your career or is there another rung on the ladder you are reaching for? Saturn, the star of discipline, has been in the Sixth House of employment for over a year now and continues to reside in this place and adds a serious note to the workplace. It's here where you will excel from this star's muscle and persistence.

Mars can be a rebel star, and he marches through the Six House of employment March 5th until May 27th, when he backtracks and then goes right back into the work sector on August 2nd until September 27th. He's out of bounds all year and you don't know what this warrior star will stir up... but -- you're warned -- he usually brings a bit of conflict, possibly with superiors.

Mars also infuses you with more energy than you are accustomed to. Try to position yourself away from the action, and where other people are involved try to work alone on your projects as much as possible.

So for money matters, this is an exciting career year for you, Cancer, when the Solar Eclipse in March shakes up your finances, and inadvertently your career, and you snap into action. With Uranus in the Tenth House, it's almost as if you crave a bit of change on the work scene and a makeover in image -- and that's what he delivers.

This is the time when finance might, in a lot of cases, take a backseat to status. What you want is to present to the world the image of a successful career person -- and that's exactly what you will do.

For you, Cancer, these transits should not be problematic with your intuition and ability to manage people, and your talent for keeping a low profile while you quietly go about business. Things change in a flash, and so have you, if you adopt the attitude "it is what it is" and just go with the flow.

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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