cancer Weekly Horoscope for the Week of February 28, 2021

By Donna Stellhorn

Week of February 28, 2021 This Week

Cancer, this week, one small action brings lots of positive results. It's like a small bit of peddling gives you the ability to coast downhill.

The week begins on Monday, March 1, with the sun in Pisces making a semi-square to Pluto in your house of relationships. Today things can go wrong. Not monumentally wrong, but just problematic enough to give you a bit of a headache. Take a deep breath before proceeding. Be careful of arguments with others, especially your sweetheart.

On Tuesday, March 2, Mercury, in your house of resources, makes a trine to the North Node in Gemini. Today, you have increased ability with numbers and finances in general. Today's a good day to work on your taxes, ask for a loan, or give yourself a budget. If you've wanted to be part of an organization, this is a good day to apply to be the treasurer.

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Weekly Love

Here’s your permission to embark on adventures this week. After all, on March 3, Venus in your expansive ninth house will form a sextile with Uranus in your eleventh house of community, paving the way for exciting shenanigans that introduce you to brilliant new people. March 3 is also when the moon will dance through your smitten fifth house as it forms a trine with Venus, making it clear that one of these new friendships may inevitably become something more.

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Weekly Work

This week begins with an opportunity for rest and creative exploration. On March 3, Mars will enter your spiritual twelfth house, indicating a period for introspection and rejuvenation rather than hard-hitting ambition. As the moon moves through your artistic fifth house and forms a trine with Venus in your expansive ninth house, the cosmos are urging you to explore your passion projects and broaden your horizons. Your career encompasses more than how much money you make.

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Weekly Dating

Your sweet sass is charming people from all over. If you've got some kind of online profile up, even that will show off your best side to the masses. You will need and want to break out of your shell for a good chunk of the week. In fact, you might want to leave that shell behind and move into a bigger or better one like a hermit crab. The weekend is all about you even if it feels like it's centered elsewhere. Try to stake your claim in the house or on the job and you'll soon see everyone line up for you.