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Year of 2016: Always a force to be reckoned with, Scorpio, you aren't in the mood to settle in any of the areas of your life this upcoming year.

Whether it's your lover's intentions, career issues, or that shoved under the carpet family secret everyone's been whispering about for years, with your ruler Pluto in the Third House, you are aiming for clarity. Never really chatty, you do definitely this year adopt a "take no prisoners" attitude surrounding communication. The wily but wise Pluto literally pushes you to shed light on matters that have been buried.

Neptune brings a touch of mystery as well as spice to the Fifth House of the light love affair, or the one-night stand. Here, you bring passion and intensity and could turn a short love story into a 500-page novel.

Mars, co-ruler of your chart, plays a big part in your intimate and unsolved mysteries as he begins the year flexing his muscle. He spends the year traversing the most personal sector of your life, shaking it up and one of the many answers you are seeking suddenly is within vision.

With Saturn's influence, whether you are prosperous or not, you feel there is a lack of funds. You want to know what actually belongs to you, whether its hard cash, a trust fund, or that antique trunk that's been in the family for generations.

Year of 2016: With the star of the rose colored dream, Neptune, in the Fifth House this year, love, erotic adventure, and sexy encounters are at an all-time high. It can't hurt to have two Solar Eclipses lighting up this same house of love as a dare. An eclipse is always a break or a change in the status quo. For the single Scorpio (and possibly the attached, too) it could be that in March and again in September a new face is among the usual suspects.

Scorpio is always discriminating, and with Jupiter in Virgo for the first half of the year, you could become too exacting with love partners. The message is: lighten up. Mid-October, Jupiter moves into Libra and the Twelfth House, and there could be secrecy (and who loves secrets more than a Scorpio) surrounding your relationship. You don't need to be told it's the time to keep a low profile, you can feel it in the air and you also can barely believe you are being loved so totally.

Scorpios are alluring sexual beings and with the placement of Neptune and the eclipses you'll do more overt flirting, not your usual slow and easy seduction act. The quiet intensity that is yours works like magic, and a little wine, song, and passion add to the magic.

You never show your hand readily and this strategy works superbly this year. Once you have captured the eye of your object of desire, you move in with your almost faultless ability to make the other person feel at home with you.

Mars, the co-ruler of your chart, is retrograde April 17th until June 29th, and this could be the time when this out of bounds, thinking out of the box star knows the right questions to ask. September 27th through November 9th he meets up with Pluto in Capricorn, and what you are seeking suddenly is within vision.

The icing on this Scorpio cake in 2016 is Venus, the star of love, is running like crazy through the entire twelve houses, imbuing you with more confidence than you've ever had. Venus spends time out of bounds as well as Mars, and from October 18th to December 7th you go from one outrageous escapade to another. It is possible you are moving outside of your usual circle of friends and lovers and have found a new romantic direction and partner.

Year of 2016: No career forecast can begin without putting Saturn's position into the mix, Scorpio. With Saturn in the Second House of your chart you are really learning what's important to you.

You may have spent the past couple of years reevaluating your career, or perhaps reshaping what it is you want to aspire to. Be careful you don't let your monetary desires supersede who you really are as you are feeling vulnerable, and that insecurity may find you losing sight of what your goals really are.

Mars, the feisty co-ruler of your chart, is also occupying the Second House of personal income from March 5th to May 27th, and you could feel control is being wrested from your hands. Try not to identify with what it is you own during this transit, because if you do you may find yourself making purchases that are unnecessary or impulsive.

Jupiter, the star of plenty, urges you to have a good time. For the first half of the year he sits in the Eleventh House, promoting self-expression, and it showcases your creative side to the workplace. Jupiter during this time makes wonderful overtures to your ruler Pluto and financially you feel more than just prosperous, but also blessed.

Neptune could at times act as a culprit as he opposes Jupiter through September, and you may have to strap yourself to your work station to get your work completed. You can be distracted a lot of the time and seek an escape from mundane daily chores.

September 10th, Jupiter moves into Libra and your Sixth House of employment. It is at this time and through the end of the year that the workplace presents the fulfillment you are searching for. You have a new sense of purpose and it could be that a new job, or better financial rewards -- or both -- are in the works.

Scorpio, 2016 is a year for answers, and you are probing. Some of you may stumble upon a brand new attitude. You may be more content than you have been in the past few years and allow your diligent Scorpio self to coast through, pausing to smell the roses!

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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