scorpio Weekly Horoscope for the Week of February 28, 2021

By Donna Stellhorn

Week of February 28, 2021 This Week

Scorpio native, you're almost at the top of the hill. A few more steps and you'll be rewarded with a great view and an easy way down.

The week begins on Monday, March 1, with the sun, in your house of romance, making a semi-square to Pluto in your house of communication. Plans are broken today, or in extreme cases, you could be stood up. The timing is just not right for romance so give it a pass. Also, be careful around art projects. One spill, and you'll be starting over.

On Tuesday, March 2, Mercury in Aquarius, in your house of ancestral power, makes a trine to the North Node in Gemini. Today, you can go beyond conscious knowledge to something more instinctive. You can tap into talents and abilities from past lives. Consider doing a past life regression today or work on the family tree.

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Weekly Love

You might just find yourself developing a new crush this week. On March 3, Venus in your passionate fifth house will form a sextile with Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships, unveiling fresh desire within you. Stay tuned, because you may be finding new qualities attractive and unexpected people tugging on your heartstrings.

However, don’t force this attraction to become something serious too fast. On March 3, the Scorpio moon will also oppose Uranus, which makes it difficult to know where everyone stands. But don’t let that...

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Weekly Work

You may find it difficult to focus on work as this week gets going. On March 2, the moon in your spacey twelfth house will square Pluto in your third house of day-to-day actions, which may cause you to get too hung up on things that have nothing to do with the task at hand. Ask yourself whether these hang ups will serve your career in the long run. If not, it may be time to let it go.

A creative collaboration may also be gaining steam this week. On March 3, Venus in your artist fifth house will form a sextile with Uranus in your...

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Weekly Dating

Early this week, you might get caught up in a struggle that you will need to walk away from. There won't be much loss of face, and you might even end up ahead if the right people are watching. Someone will try to pull some tiny scam on you later on, but if you're paying attention, you can brush them off with ease. Your mind is pretty focused, so it shouldn't be hard. The weekend hooks you up to a deeper part of your mind, and you'll most likely feel like talking things over with someone on the same wavelength.