Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Week of February 25, 2024

This week, you’re focusing on the right things.

The week begins on Sunday, February 25, with Mars in Aquarius and your house of family making a semisextile to Saturn in Pisces. While you generally can remain pretty stoic, a family member could irritate you today. It might be the questions they ask or the way they address you, but you have little patience for nonsense now. Today, you might want to steer clear of any relatives you find difficult.

On Tuesday, February 27, Mars in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus and your house of relationships. Today, you could take a chance on love. You might meet someone online and immediately set up a date. Or the two of you could meet for supper and end up talking all night. Scorpio, it’s a good day to accept a party invitation or attend an event. You might meet someone dazzling.

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