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Year of 2016: The Fifth House, that place of daring but light-hearted love, creativity, sports, and -- yes -- children, is your key to happiness this upcoming year. The always sultry Taurus has an inner bad boy/bad girl and he or she swims to the surface in 2016, bringing you any number of new and lusty adventures.

You'll be redefining your image, too, with Jupiter in this house, expanding your capacity for love... and that thirst is real. The eternal teacher Saturn is in the Eighth House of intimacy, and it's cooling off those one-on-one sexy encounters. Now it's not about sex, it's about love.

Love is in the air all year, Bull, but you will be also dealing with deeper issues. It's true that our belief system rules our lives, and for you with Uranus in the Twelfth House you are in for an upheaval or reversal in what you believe, as both philosophical and religious ideologies are up for change.

With Pluto in the Ninth, some of you may be returning to school, or taking extra academic classes. When these two heavy-hitters, agents of change are in the mix. You are not only ready for change, but celebrating it.

Year of 2016: You've been patient for the past couple of years, and some of you might have been feeling stuck with Saturn in the Seventh House of love and committed relationships. It may have seemed no matter how you tried you weren't able to move that relationship to where you wanted it to be.

With Uranus, the wild card, in the behind the scenes Twelfth House, the past was a character in your romantic fantasies and just one of those scenarios could be that there is someone who is gone and has left a deep impression.

March 8th, a Solar Eclipse in the Eleventh House of love joins the magical Neptune, and this could be just the combination necessary for an excursion into wicked, rose-colored love. This Eclipse has the power of a wild card but really is something like a New Moon on steroids, causing you to drop your perpetual possessive streak and amp up the playful behavior.

Your ruler Venus is literally running through all the twelve houses and then later in the year begins the same rotation, hitting the houses of commitment, intimacy, and legal matters one more time, in case you didn't feel those issues deeply enough the first time.

You are one of, if not the most erotic of the Zodiac signs, and on March 23rd a Lunar Eclipse in the Sixth House of necessary change accentuates the possibility of new love coming your way. This is the time to step away from your daily routine in exchange for the thrill of secret rendezvous.

To make matters even more intriguing, the out of bounds (that means no limits) Mars is in playful Sagittarius (the house of intimacy) and you are more than willing to go out on a limb for a relationship that you feel is within reach.

In September you draw two more wild cards, both in the love houses. A Solar Eclipse on September 1st in Virgo and that infamous Fifth House of one-night stands brushes Jupiter and expands the magic of the evening. You are thinking this is more than the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

That second lunation is a Lunar Eclipse and is in the Eleventh House of pure love, and you want to nurture this bond, take him or her to meet your parents, and write the end to your searching. Real love and commitment involves both of you and if you are getting signals of sincerity from that person on the other end of the kiss, you can't go wrong in fortifying the structure of this relationship.

Year of 2016: Although career is very important it doesn't seem to be a priority for most of the Taurus population this year. Saturn, the architect of destiny, is in the Eighth House of other people's money, that is, and increases your benefits on the job, perhaps with a raise or a bonus.

In almost all instances you are well on your way to a career peak which comes in the next two to four years. For now you are in a position to achieve many of the goals you set for yourself when Saturn crossed the descendant about two years ago. Recognition from those in authority may come now as you have more patience and perseverance than usual.

Mars spends the first eight months of the year in and out of the Eighth House, and here other's peoples resources aid in your career. Mars acts as an instigator and stirs up the hidden corners of your career, shining light on those overlooked opportunities.

Jupiter is a double whammy this year, just as he's amping up your romantic life, he's also nudging you to take more chances in the career for the first six months of this year.

It could be for your own private amusement, but you are a bit more into speculation rather than the sure thing with investments. You may shock your financial planner a bit, or occasionally stop off and pick up a lottery ticket. This is all outside of doing your usual fine job at the office.

In September Jupiter moves into your Sixth House and if you are seeking new employment, a dream job is waiting in the wings. If you are happy in your present employment, new opportunities come your way in that venue.

Some of you are looking for more meaningful work or you are idealistic about how you spend those eight hours a day on the job. Taurus, alongside of your own daily work, this year you embrace a hobby that down the line blossoms into the opportunity you've always been searching for!

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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