capricorn Daily Horoscope for May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021

Tuesday’s skies help you get things back on the right track, Capricorn. The moon floats through level-headed Aquarius, directing your focus towards productive efforts. Luna’s alignment with artistic Venus and big-picture Jupiter help you regain faith in your process and embrace forward movement with personal.

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Daily Love

If you don't make yourself a priority, why would anyone else, Capricorn? The moon continues to wander through your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, sensual delights, and sense of self-worth—emotionally binding you to themes that revolve around gratification and emotional satisfaction. More importantly, however, you're emotionally preoccupied with the desire for comfort, and perhaps even luxury. Keep in mind, the moon rules your committed seventh house of significant others. So, some of you might be second-guessing the value of a particular connection. This is especially true with today's square between the moon and Venus in your fifth house of love. So, make sure you love yourself first.

Daily Work

Goat, you have had major mountains to climb regarding your professional development and career growth. Now you can start to experience the fruits of your labor after an intense period of growth. The cosmos is pushing you to be your authentic self creatively. The Aquarius sun is in your second house of earned income, forming an expansive connection with lucky Jupiter. You can experience financial growth simply by reasserting your value at this time.


Daily Dating

At least one friend of yours seems to be going on and on about a topic that barely interests you. You might have to be a little rude if you want to keep things on track!

Daily Bonus

Don't get into an argument you could just have easily avoided. What's the point?