Capricorn Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

March 3, 2024

It may be difficult to calm thoughts or censor your words, dear Capricorn, as the Sagittarius quarter moon brings tension to the table. Consider escaping into nature when Mars activates, motivating you to find gratitude in the beauty of our earth. Focus on the future of your home and family when the Nodes of Fate activate, meditating on your dream scenario. Give loved ones an opportunity to speak when Luna aspects Mercury and Chiron this afternoon, opening the doors for healing when compassion and nurturing are applied. Romance yourself in the lap of luxury when Venus stirs later tonight.

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Daily Food Horoscope

A queasy tummy and pounding head will be the least of your worries today. Your cupboards are bare, bereft of foods that could cure what ails you. The supermarket is the last place you'll want to be, but buy plenty of fruit juices while you're there. The sugar in juice will gobble up those nasty alcohol toxins. Drink 'em while you're waiting in line if you must.

Daily Home Horoscope

It's been a while since your guests have seen your home, and so many things have changed. As you prepare for festivities, don't succumb to giddiness. You notice and appreciate every little detail every day -- enjoy highlighting the finer points to your friends.

Daily Dog Horoscope

It's hard to think more than a split second into the future, but if you can imagine one biscuit, you can imagine earning ten biscuits. The 'give me a biscuit now' approach just isn't working. Exhibit patience, obedience and forethought instead.

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A song or some visual art will spark a bout of creative writing. Words will pour out of you. The act of creation will inspire you so much that when someone asks for your help, you'll have a wacky, perfect solution.

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Just because you're a cat, that doesn't mean you can't shake things up every now and then! It's a good time for you to make little changes to your life and see who around you takes notice.

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There's a lot of game playing going on today. Try to have fun and not get stressed.