capricorn Weekly Horoscope for the Week of May 9, 2021

Week of May 9, 2021

A new job opportunity is opening up and, Capricorn, this offer may be to your liking.

The week begins on Monday, May 10, with Mercury in Gemini making a conjunction to the North Node in your house of work and routines. You may have an epiphany today. You may realize that a big goal is possible. You might want to live on a farm or within walking distance of a beach. You might decide you want to teach in a foreign country or to stay home with the kids. What you dream of today is possible in the future.

The new moon in Taurus comes in on Tuesday, May 11, and over the next two weeks, you have some opportunities for fun and possibly romance. On the same day, Mars in Cancer, in your house of relationships, makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This is an excellent time to meet a new love relationship. It's especially good if you think outside the box and date someone who is not your regular type. Consider allowing someone to fix you up on a date.

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Weekly Love

You may feel inspired to be a giving lover this week. After all, as of May 8, Venus is now swirling through your selfless sixth house, transforming your love language into “acts of service.” Making your lover’s life easier by helping them out is definitely a form of romance.

And the romance definitely doesn’t stop there, because, on May 11, the new moon will dance through your passionate fifth house, inspiring you to embrace a level of romance in your life that’s simply irresistible. This could reignite a stagnant relationship with...

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Weekly Work

You’re starting the week off feeling more positive and motivated about your routine. Because Venus entered your sixth house of work and health on May 8, you’re feeling more inspired to enhance your daily schedule and make healthy, proactive choices. And on May 10, Mercury will join forces with the North Node in your productive sixth house, which could lead you to formulating a process that allows you to conduct your business more efficiently.

However, you’re not just thinking about busy work. When the new moon radiates through your...

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Weekly Dating

It's finally time for you to make the call. By Tuesday at the latest you should know exactly what you want and maybe even how to get it, so make your feelings known. There are a lot of powerful forces that are working behind the scenes on your behalf as long as they don't see you slacking off. Expect to see some positive results by this weekend, at least enough to encourage you to keep moving forward. Keep your eyes on the prize, and don't get distracted by that new plan that comes your way on Sunday.