Leo Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

June 17, 2024

Your thoughts turn inwards throughout the coming weeks, darling Leo, as cerebral Mercury enters Cancer and the sector of your chart that governs introspection. Love will be a particular topic of interest when Mercury and Venus unite in our skies, and you may begin to notice patterns within your relationships that need correcting. Meanwhile, the moon soars through Scorpio, putting you in a highly intuitive headspace, especially when it comes to the emotions of family and close friends. Just be mindful of other people's boundaries when Luna and Mars face off this afternoon, or you could come across as overbearing.

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Daily Food Horoscope

You may have an urge to party in a more sophisticated manner tonight, like an evening at a cool martini bar. A good martini begins and ends with the quality of vodka or gin used, so don't skimp. After that, your choices are endless, from the classic shaken not stirred to something more out there, like double fudge or oyster.

Daily Home Horoscope

Once again, you find yourself watering the lawn in the dark. More than a little forgetful lately? Perhaps a timer would help you keep things on track, or try writing detailed to-do lists.

Daily Dog Horoscope

The way to a dog's heart is not just through his stomach, but the romance you have with your owner may be amplified by an abundance of food. You may get steak instead of wet food for a change.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

You might be tempted to blab about all your new plans, but think twice and just shut it. Not everyone's as lucky as you are today, and you're just going to make people all jealous.

Daily Cat Horoscope

You and your humans need to reach an understanding -- though that almost certainly means that they just need to do what you say! Getting them to understand your needs is the hard part.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Today is a good time to take control and point things where you want them to go.