leo Daily Horoscope for March 3, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 3, 2021 Yesterday

You’ve been cutthroat when it comes to cultivating your next career step, Leo. You’ve been pouring your energy into getting ahead and separating yourself from paths that weren’t panning out. Your focus begins to shift today, as motivated Mars moves forward into social-butterfly, Gemini. Mars’ time here helps you pursue goals ambitiously in order to re-define your social network—from now until April 23.

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Daily Love

Things could feel heavier or out of your hands, despite whether you're single or taken, Leo. In addition to the moon lingering over your emotionally driven fourth house of innermost feelings and foundations, it will also link up with your planetary ruler, the sun, via your erotic eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and soulmate connections. Needless to say, your emotions are greeting you in ways you may not necessarily be comfortable with… but this is where your power lies. And if you decide to put your guard down with that special someone, it may very well work in your favor.

Daily Work

Leo, you can have a sudden surge of energy today. You may feel pushed to network and put yourself out there. This is extremely important to do when it comes to your professional life; this is how you make progress! The planet of action, Mars, moves into the communicative and chatty air sign of Gemini today. Take time to reconnect with old contacts or make entirely new ones by attending an online social group or conference. You never know who you could meet!

Daily Dating

If you're a creative type, today is perfect for making new art or music or writing something new. If you'd rather bask in someone else's genius, you should find something new to adore.

Daily Bonus

Avoid financial decisions now -- and don't let anyone else control your money.