Leo Daily Horoscope Yesterday

June 15, 2024

Speak from the heart as the moon moves through relationship-oriented Libra, darling Lion, activating the sector of your chart that governs communication. Hiding your thoughts won't serve you when it comes to forging meaningful bonds, and people will be eager to absorb and return each sweet sentiment you offer. Consider exploring philosophical ideologies with loved ones when the Nodes of Fate stir, keeping an open mind even when beliefs differ. Your intuition also benefits from some celestial aid, marking the ideal time to connect with your higher power and ask for signs to support and guide you on the journey ahead.

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You may be surprised today when some of your food beliefs are debunked with extreme prejudice. Take that whole-wheat bagel, for instance -- at 350 calories, there's no difference between that and the white variety. Now may be the time to make the switch to English muffins, which only contain 130 calories, and who doesn't love all those nooks and crannies?

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