Leo Daily Horoscope Yesterday

July 13, 2024

You'll be a popular topic of conversation as the Libra moon and Mercury align, dearest Leo, but try not to stress if your ears start burning. Moving from a place of confidence and poise will serve you right now, and putting your best foot forward can help you control the narrative. However, it'll be important to take some time for yourself when the quarter moon rises midafternoon, especially if you spend much of your day socializing. Messages from beyond the veil could offer support when Luna and Chiron align this evening, though a pessimistic attitude could cause you to miss the signs.

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Daily Food Leo Horoscope

Your stubborn ego doesn't let you overindulge in public. What you do behind closed doors, however, is another story. Sure, you do a good job of hiding all those empty pizza boxes from visitors, but breath that reeks of garlic fries may ultimately prove to be your undoing.

Daily Home Leo Horoscope

Rarely do you have such an assured sense of what it is you want, so feel comfortable investing in a major piece of furniture this week. No need to consult your housemate first -- have confidence that your taste is right on the mark.

Daily Dog Leo Horoscope

You have a passion for travel that just won't let you stay inside all day long. No doghouse can keep you when you get this kind of feeling. You'll get out there one way or another if it takes every bit of your boundless energy to do it.

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Daily Teen Leo Horoscope

That burst of energy you've been feeling won't last forever -- though it will return one day. Use it or lose it. Find something cool to do and throw yourself into it for a while.

Daily Cat Leo Horoscope

You can do anything today! You've got so much great energy that you can hardly believe how great you've got it, so see if you can get your friends and human servants to run along with you.

Daily Bonus Leo Horoscope

It's wise to not expect much of people today. There is too much plotting going on.