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Leo Daily Horoscope Yesterday

June 19, 2024

You may be forced to work out a few emotional kinks through the dream realms, dear Leo, as the Scorpio moon opposes Uranus early this morning. Luckily, you'll feel more at ease once the day begins and Neptune stirs, helping you make peace with any tension brewing beneath the surface. The spark within ignites at full force once Luna enters Sagittarius, putting you in step with your boldest and most confident self. Loved ones will notice a difference within you when Pluto activates this afternoon, and bonds will intensify when you remain open-hearted. New friendships could blossom this evening when Jupiter stirs.

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Your finely tuned sense of control could take a hit today. Beware of coworkers who bring bagels and cream cheese into work. You can't resist noshing on garlic bagels with green onion schmear, no matter how hard you try.

Daily Home Horoscope

You may have noticed that you don't know some of your neighbors very well. And even worse, you may have already formed some opinions about them! Find a reason to pay a visit -- you may happen to find a new friend next door.

Daily Dog Horoscope

Having fun is a necessity for you today! Give your childish nature a long leash. The world is your dog park. Let your enthusiasm lead a mad romp with the neighborhood dogs, but don't veer off at the first sign of a cat's tail.

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You're like a knight who has to go kill a dragon -- you might not want to face up to it, but you know you'll come out victorious in the end. So gather up all your courage, take a deep breath and deal with what's in front of you.

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You're all fired up and ready to meet new people -- though they could be covered with fur just like you! It's easier than ever to make a good impression and leave them wanting more of you.

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There is no crime in taking the path of least resistance, so coast for a while.