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Month of Mar 2020: As you enter March, Mars, the ruler of your career sector, is in Capricorn, heating up your professional, business, financial, and one-to-one partnerships. On March 9, Mercury stations direct as the full moon aligns in Virgo, bringing important information and turnarounds in a situation you thought had you trapped. Hopefully, you realize that you’re free and have the support of partners who want to see you succeed.

The sun reaches the equinox on the nineteenth, bringing professional matters into focus and putting you at the top of your game. Huge opportunities are arising to move partnerships and situations to the next level. You have a lot to gain, but it will mean creating space and letting go of the relationships that limit your growth or don’t serve your best interests.

Saturn is in the final weeks of its transit of Capricorn, and your partnerships are moving over a threshold. Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, and remains here until 2023, bringing financial and business partnerships, tax matters, and power dynamics into focus. Know your limits, invest only as much as you can afford to lose, remain detached from material gain or how something plays out, and avoid letting your ego get in the way. Then you needn’t fear sawing off the branch you’re sitting on. You can be discerning about the relationships you want to deepen and those you need to cut.

Above all, this is a time when you can reclaim your power and sovereignty in your life, financially and personally, deepening connections in alignment with your values where there is mutual support and respect.

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