Month of Sep 2020: There's a lot to consider these days, Cancer, and it might feel like a tough call for your emotionally guarded sign right now. The wheel of fortune has been turning and really asking you fully step out of your comfort zone these days. This could be very tough for you if you've been beating yourself up about something or have felt stuck in one place for many years.

This is your time to take the reins and direct that chariot where you want to go. It might even mean that you’re considering a move for work-related purposes. Whatever it is, there is something old that is leaving your life this month that really doesn’t serve your best interests any longer.

You have to trust your instincts and know that you have what it takes to fully succeed. Even as the challenge of Mars retrograde in your fellow cardinal sign of Aries begins on September 9, you will be able to see through the fight. You know just what it takes to survive anything, and this is really no exception.

The vernal equinox on the twenty-second will help pivot this energy into a more satisfying direction and help recalibrate you at the deepest level for more fruitful times ahead.

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