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Envision new possibilities this month. Cosmically brilliant Mercury currently transits your sector of transformative experiences, and the little planet stirs restlessness to do something new. The sign of Aquarius accents people, support, and benefits through mentors and good friends. Fortunate Jupiter perched in your creativity sector gives you lots of ideas.

On February 6, you could reap a few rewards courtesy of a sextile between Aquarius Venus and Aries Uranus, planet of windfalls.

The next day, the Scorpio quarter moon is an appropriate phase and sign during which to reflect on hindsight that gives you the right grasp of a situation.

The Aquarius solar eclipse on the fifteenth offers opportunities to make adjustments that you may have felt pushed or obligated to do initially. You’ll feel liberated once you finish unfinished business.

You will be glad that you cleared things up, because February 21 could be a very busy day with unusual happenings when Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces, leading to something that could be lucrative professionally when Mercury sextiles business-oriented Saturn.

The twenty-fifth is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you are job hunting. You can tentatively schedule interviews and meetings and do so under fortunate stars.

Next month, expect to fulfill expectations if you’ve made them clear in February.

Grounding Elements - Meditation of the Moment


The moon conjoins Uranus early in the day today, bringing flashes of insight. Tune in with this exclusive meditation from Jessica Snow.

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