August 2018: August’s theme is for giving and forgiving by mutual agreement in harmonious unity. That said, on August 1, energetic Mars squares “changes just over the horizon” Uranus in your friendship sector. Go back, says the retrograde. Who and what are important?

On the sixth, Libra Venus begins a transit in your comfort zone sector, and it’s another accent that highlights harmony. It is apropos to inspire unity.

August 8 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Take advantage of the good vibes and schedule interviews and meetings, too.

The solar eclipse on the eleventh is in your money sector. Envision something new with more concentrated focus. The following 30 days are auspicious for coordinating assets, including your talents, and making them work for you. Mars retrograding to Capricorn helps you resolve unresolved issues.

Speedy thinking returns when Mercury turns direct on August 18. What can you do with your ideas?

The full Pisces moon on the twenty-sixth shines light on what one needs. With your ruling moon approaching a sextile with Mars (direct on Monday), express your very useful ideas instead of waiting for others to draw them out.

Next month is not only productive but also competitive. You’ll be happy you solidified relationships this month.

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