Month of Jul 2020: You have so much in store for you this month, Cancer, it's almost difficult to know where to begin. Your protective sign might feel completely cracked open and unable to hide your vulnerabilities in the way you’d prefer.

The lunar eclipse on July 4 requires you to let go of a major fear you've been holding onto for many lifetimes. Have you put others first before your needs or even played the victim role in some capacity? It's time to let go of your ego and jump into the waves again. This is a cycle when your keenest entrepreneurial skills are going to surface even if you've buried them for many years. You have no choice but to grow at this time.

The majority of the month contains solar oppositions between Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, making the thirteenth through the twenty-first a remarkable phase of complete growth, revealing your shadow side and allowing you to choose a different story for yourself.

You’re evolving on all levels, and your career growth is up to you. If you've been accepting the lesser deal, you have no choice but to confront your greatest fears right now. There is no more settling for less during this time. This is a life-changing shift that requires full growth at an exponential rate.

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