cancer Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of July 18, 2021

Week of July 18, 2021

Some of your deepest fears surrounding your career may flare up as the week begins. On July 19, Mercury in Cancer will square Chiron in your professional tenth house, which may cause you to see the flaws in your career rather than the strengths. Don’t fret. Your vision is coming to life. On July 20, Mercury will also sextile Uranus in your innovative eleventh house, encouraging you to think of a way to change your career for the better.

You may start thinking more about your finances and your ability to bring home the bacon by July 22. This is when the sun will enter your second house of disposable income, inspiring you to make the money you need to buy the things you want. You may even feel the desire to open your mind and learn many new things by the time Venus in your intellectual third house opposes Jupiter in your philosophical ninth house on July 22. Don’t forget that you’re an eternal student.

However, the full moon on July 23 will shine a sharp light on your finances. Blasting through your eighth house of investments, this full moon will encourage you to think wisely about how you spread your money out and who you share it with.