Cancer Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of July 3, 2022

Week of July 3, 2022

How will you perceive yourself in a professional setting, Cancer?

Since Mercury is entering your sign on Tuesday, July 5, you might feel notably more self-conscious. Mercury in Cancer is attuned to your demeanor and appearance, especially how such aspects fit into your work life. You might feel more conscientious of how you work within your interactions as Mercury in Cancer is intuitively analyzing your presence. Mars will also enter Taurus on the same day, creating a sextile to Mercury. From the get-go, you should use this sextile to make slow, steady changes in how you assert yourself on and offline in a professional setting. Mars can even help you move forward with creating lasting, loyal connections with other professionals and associations! Although Mercury and Mars can help you create a communicative, professional presence and likable appearance, you may find that there are some initial issues that could reflect in your status when Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries at the end of the week. The square is tense as it encourages compromise over emotional reactivity, especially if you want to continue expanding upon your career path. Focus on the overarching professional goal instead of getting sidetracked with nuisances.

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