cancer Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of May 9, 2021

Week of May 9, 2021

You may be dealing with energy vampires at work as this week gets going. On May 9, the moon in your ambitious tenth house will square Pluto in your seventh house of allies and enemies, which may indicate that a colleague is overstepping your boundaries. Don’t let someone else’s mess become yours. Luckily, by May 10, Mercury in your spiritual twelfth house will sextile Chiron in your career sector, helping you heal the wounds and insecurities that are currently setting you back at work.

On May 11, the new moon will take place in your eleventh house of community, inspiring you to leave a positive mark on the world. Enlist likeminded friends and colleagues to be part of a project that you can all work on together. However, as Mars in Cancer squares off with Chiron, you may struggle to take on a position of authority and leadership. Don’t let other people sully your confidence and your commitment to success.

Other people will leave you feeling inspired by May 13. The sun in your social eleventh house will sextile Neptune in your open-minded ninth house, allowing you to embrace the knowledge and wisdom that your fellow contemporaries have for you. And by May 14, the Cancer moon will trine Jupiter in your growth-oriented ninth house, cultivating your ability to be an equal source of inspiration for others.