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cancer Horoscope

Month of Jun 2019: It’s June and the calendar says summer is here! Thrive on change and variety. On June 3, the Gemini new moon brings the promise of things to come. Be alert for key messages you receive in the 30 days following the new moon phase.

The fourth and fifth are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if job hunting, and schedule fortunate interviews and meetings. On June 7, Cancer Mercury sextiles Uranus, planet of auspicious opportunities that appear out of the blue.

The thirteenth begins a very interesting period. Mars trines imaginative Neptune, amplifying creative, emotional, and physical strength. Three days later, Jupiter, in the role of the seeker of knowledge, squares Neptune. Planets illuminate blind spots that prevent meeting situations “squarely.”

On June 18, Saturn forms a sextile with Neptune, the dissolver, and you’re on your way to wrapping up a situation. You are empowered (thanks to Mercury conjoining Mars) to make insightful choices (kudos, Pluto).

On the twenty-seventh, you meet significant connections when the sun sextiles Uranus. Next month, a pleasant surprise awaits.

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