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Month of Apr 2019: You have to take action because intentions won’t get you recognized in April. On April 5, the new Aries moon is in your career sign. The illumination helps you to see where you want to be, which is great if it’s where you are. If not, plan how to get there in the 30 days following the lunar phase.

Venus conjoins Neptune, the dissolver of barriers (like procrastination) in your sign of expansion on the tenth. The Aries sun shines in your career sign and you make an impact. The sun’s four-day square with business-oriented Saturn helps build resources. Also that day, benevolent Jupiter’s retrograde is about trying again, and this time it’s different in your work routine sign.

April 11 and April 12 are lucky days to search and send out resumes if job hunting. The days are auspicious for scheduling interviews and meetings. On the sixteenth, Aries Mercury transits your career sign, and Venus joins Mercury on Saturday. The planets are bright spots for success. Discover strength that you didn’t realize you had!

On April 22, the sun conjoins Uranus and opportunities show up where least expected in the next four days.

On the twenty-ninth, “What is real?” Saturn joins retrograde Pluto to stimulate trying again with logic and courage. No going sideways. Move directly next month.

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