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scorpio Horoscope

Month of Sep 2019: The fall season begins this month. Your birthday is weeks away and destiny is at work. What are your dreams, your visions? There’s no better time to explore them than on lucky September 3. This is also an opportune time to search and send out resumes if job hunting. The stars are fortunate for interviews and meetings, too.

Virgo Venus aspecting regenerating Pluto on the sixth is a trine that speaks for itself in the light of controlling your direction. That said, the same aspect between the sun and Pluto on September 13 is that and more, with succinct communication that ensures people understand what it is you need and want. This is the last full month that Pluto is in retrograde, and the last chance for second chances.

Simplify strategies with a Mars-Pluto trine on the nineteenth. On September 23, the Libra sun, Mercury, and Venus amplify insights and increase awareness of old habit patterns, just in case you have any (not saying you do). If, for example, you tend to absorb other people’s negativity too easily, avoid those who see the worst in everything when Mercury squares Pluto on the twenty-sixth.

Your uncanny ability to investigate reveals information that creates a need for key changes and decisions next month. The trigger is the September 28 new moon in Libra.

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