September 2018: With the fall season ahead, you feel surging power in September. The force is with you September 6 when serious Saturn makes a direct turn in your communication sector. It’s time to free the course of action you contemplated during the retrograde.

On the ninth, Venus, planet of luck and vision, proudly wears persistence in Scorpio. Even silent, you have presence. An added bonus is your natural ability to get the right grasp of a situation - all yours to use through the end of the month.

An opportunity aspect between the sun and Scorpio Jupiter on September 11 accents confidence. You succeed almost without trying over the next four days. Go for it the next day, when Jupiter sextiles your ruler Pluto. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting on lucky days Wednesday and Thursday. Schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are on your side.

Are you feeling hemmed in? Do you feel too nicely safe and settled? Mars squares Uranus on the eighteenth to shake things up over the next four days. It turns out to be a fortunate roller-coaster ride. On the month’s last day, ruling planet Pluto turns direct and projects tend to take other shapes. The results are pleasing. The theme is second chances next month.

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