scorpio Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of October 10, 2021

Week of October 10, 2021

Your work/life balance comes into perspective as your week unfolds, Scorpio. Throughout the week, you will see how your work/life balance can play into one another.

When Saturn stations direct in your sector of home and family on Sunday, October 10, your personal life becomes your main focus this week. Your career likely sustains your livelihood, but it cannot maintain all aspects. The home and family could be somewhat demanding of your time. Saturn is asking you to become more responsible in your role in this sector, particularly by ensuring that your career does not take up all of your attention.

Luckily, you will notice that your professional efforts can alleviate any issues in the home or with family. From Wednesday to Thursday, October 13 to 14, Venus will sextile Saturn. This is forging a lucrative bond between your means of income with your home life. Venus is benefitting you, reaping the seeds you planted in your career long ago. There may be a boost in your income, such as a raise or bonus. In turn, this can sustain your livelihood. So, meeting obligations at work can help you meet commitments in your home, sustaining a work/life balance.