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Accentuate your instinctive adaptive skill as you quickly adjust to changes in March.

On March 1, cooperative and creative Venus and thinking Mercury begin the month in your sector of dreams and wishes. They nurture creative sparks back to a flame. Aspects with generous Jupiter contribute votes of confidence. Lucky you! You’ll love the support you receive from peers and, especially, the powers that be. The latter can make some changes in your favor.

On the fifth and sixth, Mercury and Venus enter your house of “why and what if,” highlighting the month’s changes and what you realistically can do to alter the future.

On March 17, go alpha when Capricorn Mars is at its productive best.

The twentieth is a lucky first day of spring. Search listings and send out resumes if you are job hunting. People say an enthusiastic “yes!” in scheduled interviews and meetings.

Imaginative Mercury turns retrograde on March 22, and the Aries reverse direction fuels even more changes. Think of it as an opportunity to take an important second glance, which seems to be a part of the March theme.

Look on the bright side as you end the month with Venus in Taurus. You begin treading pleasant paths through the Taurus journey during April.

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