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Month of Apr 2019: You can bank on a dream - or dreams - that you have the power to bring about in April. Brainstorm when Pisces Mercury conjoins Neptune on April 2. Launch your plans on Friday.

The sixth and seventh are lucky days to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. As of April 10, Jupiter’s Sagittarius retrograde in your sign of shared resources suggests that some contracts and partnerships are worth a second look. No could become yes with this lucky planet.

On April 16, Aries Mercury inspires inconspicuous background research with notable results. Lucky Venus soon joins the thinking planet, aka doubling the good stuff you accomplish behind the scenes.

The Taurus sun on the twentieth means that you have a birthday in the next 30 days. It’s time for some new New Year’s resolutions. Welcome the start of a new cycle.

The sun conjoining Taurus Uranus on April 22 combines solar power with “do your own thing” Uranus. It’s an opportunity to test the above creative empowerment.

Retrograde Pluto triggers forceful thoughts about exploration and travel on the twenty-fourth. You’ve had them before. Will you do it this time? The month ends with a Saturn retrograde that keeps you centered. Get it said when nothing is more important than talking next month.

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