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When you change, expectations also change. Take the time to see if you are in the now with yours and the person you are today. Don’t set your sights too low.

March 1 and March 2 are opportune times to contemplate the above. There is a philosophical Virgo moon, and both Venus and Mercury trine fortunate Jupiter in your creative sector.

You could receive good news between the fifth and sixth, when Mercury and Venus bubble with life and new beginnings in Aries and your career sector.

Fortunate Jupiter turns retrograde in your creative and risk-taking house on March 8. Regret an approach? Take another chance between now and early July. It’s a lot of time in which to change outcomes!

On the seventeenth, Capricorn Mars dons a business suit and helps advance partnerships in a transit that occurs once every two and a half years.

March 24 is a lucky day to search for jobs and send out resumes. This is also an opportune time to ask for favors, should you need any.

On the twenty-ninth, the Aries sun squaring resolute Saturn emphasizes professional partnerships and advises a lower profile over the next two days. You could be singled out for special attention, and not in a good way.

Be ready for more encouraging attention next month, however.

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