November 2018: Are you ready to be a blur of motion? You’re charged with electromagnetic energy in November. On November 6, a retrograde takes Uranus, the planet of the surprise, back into your career sign. Pop quiz: If a situation were reversed, would you do the same thing? The keywords are “second chance.”

On the seventh, the new Scorpio moon illuminates your creativity and risk-taking sector of life. You’ve got a theme going now. Comfort zones keep you from daring to try something new. What could you change in the 30 days following the lunar phase?

On November 8, generous Jupiter starts a yearlong trip in your sign of work routine and co-workers. You’ve got help and support and perhaps an expansion of responsibilities. Strengthen your connections and position. Adding to your expansion potential, a compassionate Pisces Mars transit starts on the fifteenth.

On November 16, Venus turning direct and gets relationships and financial matters moving forward. And for good measure, Mercury’s retrograde turns no into yes. On the twenty-second, the powers that be could have plans for you in the two weeks following the full Gemini moon. Sunday, November 25, is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Next month, it’s all about who you know.

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