Month of Oct 2020: This month gives you time to work with and even consider the future of your own financial health. You have to make some decisions right now, which may ultimately create shifts in your relationships at work.

The Aries full moon on October 1 will inspire you to lean into your intuition and assert your desire to ask for more money at work. The caveat regarding asking for a raise is that it could ultimately stir some drama among your co-workers who are jealous of your achievements during the Libra new moon on the sixteenth.

Before you act out and defend yourself against their emotional behavior, take a step back and figure out if it’s worth the trouble. After all, you did get the money you asked for and deserve. What difference does it make if the way they’re acting is less than professional?

If it continues, you can use the blue moon in Taurus on October 31 to your advantage by having a talk with human resources to stop the gossip, glares, and drama. Don’t feel bad for protecting your emotional and financial well-being. To be honest, you have to ensure your own financial security. After all, you’ve earned it through your hard work.

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