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Month of Apr 2020: Saturn entered your professional sector last month, ushering in a whole new phase in your career and moving things to a new level. You’re having to take a leap of faith and accept greater responsibility. You might be changing jobs or routines or in the midst of reorganizing your work so you can have greater work/life balance.

You’re at the end of the road with a work situation and new pathways are being revealed, or perhaps you have to carve a new way forward. You may not yet be sure of the best way forward, but you’re in a solid position financially. Your hard work is being recognized, and there are lucrative opportunities coming your way. Listen to your intuition, and stay true to your values rather than be attached to material gain or success according to society or anyone else’s standards. Then you can make wise choices that pay off well into the future.

The sun enters Taurus on April 19, bringing clarity on your next steps. You’ve come a long way to get where you are. Have more faith in yourself and your abilities as you step up to a challenge. Although you can respect those in positions of power, only you have authority in your life.

As the month ends, you’re reaching a breakthrough and coming into your own. Be bold as you confidently step into the light.

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