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Month of Mar 2020: Since December 2017, Saturn has been transiting Capricorn, the part of your chart that highlights communication, your mind, beliefs, and perceptions, especially those surrounding success and failure. Now, your ruling planet Mars is in Capricorn, heating up an ongoing story that’s been gathering critical mass since December of last year. 

Venus enters Taurus on March 4, sweetening creative and financial partnerships. But be patient as you gather details before rushing into a commitment. Mercury stations direct on the ninth, the same day as the Virgo full moon, bringing important information to the surface. Something you’ve wished for is within reach, but it will call for taking creative risks. Make the effort to network. A friend or connection could be instrumental in helping you manifest a desire.

The sun enters Aries on March 19, marking the equinox and highlighting your work sector and routines over the coming four weeks. Also, Mars meets Jupiter the next day, followed by Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius on the twenty-first, where it remains until 2023. 

You might be relocating for work, building a home office, or perhaps starting a new job. Work and routines are changing, bringing major choices, forks in the road, and fortuitous conversations and opportunities that open new doors. Learn and remember your lessons of the past two and one-half years. Then you can make wise choices, bringing you more of the financial security and freedom you need. This is the end of the way things used to be, but have faith. What’s unfolding is clearing space and allowing you to (re)build the life you love on firm foundations.

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