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Month of May 2019: There is an old saying about expecting a harvest before planting the seeds. Growth takes time - and sometimes backward steps - before you make progress, and Mercury and Saturn echo the point on May 1.

On the ninth, Aries Venus squares ruling planet Pluto, and planets encourage true creativeness. With the trine between Venus and lucky Jupiter, the renewal and regeneration of energy works in the positive.

The sun trines transforming Pluto on May 13, and someone standing in the way can move aside. They may reveal with actions or words how much they support your efforts this week.

On the fifteenth, Mars brings action to your sector of expansion and learning. You are itching to create while the planets invite you to learn more.

May 17 is a lucky day for meetings and interviews. The next day’s full Scorpio moon is growth-producing energy and enlightenment (it’s a good one for you).

On the twenty-second, Mars and Uranus are movers and shakers for the next four days. Everything changes, everything evolves.

You end the month with an opportunity aspect, courtesy of lucky Venus and intuitive Neptune on the thirtieth. Destiny finds you because the timing is right. Not that you would, but you could allow others to sway you next month.

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