August 2018: Explore when new factors surface now. On August 1, it’s a battle to retain flexibility and avoid being too quick to pass judgment when retrograde Mars squares obstinate Uranus. Reconsideration is a possibility because both planets change direction this month.

On the sixth, Libra Venus is another cosmic influence urging slowness, especially combined with a square between the sun and Jupiter that introduces additional responsibilities.

On August 11, the solar eclipse is a powerful beam in your career sector. Be decisive and cautious and stay alert in the next 30 days. There’s nothing to worry about. You’ve attained balance. Synchronously, the next day Mars retrogrades to your communication sector and give you a chance to look at what has been said to date.

The sixteenth and seventeenth are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. These are also auspicious times to schedule interviews and meetings, too.

On August 18, concentration returns and you see the solutions to problems more easily when messenger Mercury turns direct. Synchronously, a trine between lucky Jupiter and imaginative Neptune the next day brings ten inspired days in which to grab opportunities.

Energetic Mars turning direct in your communication sector on the twenty-seventh accelerates your versatility and heralds an expansive September.

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