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April is for changes and second chances, so it’s appropriate that the month begins with a lucky afternoon and evening on April 1! Search if you are job hunting. Save sending resumes and scheduling interviews and meetings for April 2, when the stars are on your side all day. The conjunction between Capricorn Mars and Saturn in your communication sector adds power and sincerity to your words.

From the tenth to the thirteenth, the Aries sun aspects transformational Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio. What were your alternate plans? They might work now.

When creative Venus trines resourceful Pluto on April 17, you could be caught up in an idea. Cosmic assistants help you through the end of the month. Saturn’s retrograde in your thinking sector encourages “back to basics,” “start from the beginning” energy.

On the twenty-second, ruler Pluto’s retrograde brings your mind in contact with others interested in similar topics.

The next day, Capricorn Mars, pushing for precision, sextiles lucky Jupiter, highlighting ten days in which you can accomplish something big.

You end the month decisively running the show during the conjunction between Mars and Pluto on April 26.

Sunday, the twenty-ninth, is lucky, with a full Scorpio moon shining its light on your accomplishments. The tide continues to be with you next month.

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