June 2018: Go back and reconnect in June. The stars say luck and talent are with you, but you can’t just sit back and reap rewards. Let others help you.

On June 1, fortunate Cancer Venus trines even more auspicious Scorpio Jupiter. Jupiter is retrograde, and if you missed completely the first time (whatever that might mean), you have a second chance.

On the fifth, Venus tempts and intrigues while opposing sorely tempted Pluto, or vice versa, in a planetary way. Both Venus and Pluto know how to get what they want. Similar? Oh, yes. It means you do, too.

The sun aspects silent and mysterious Pluto on June 11, and you seem to see right through people. It’s disconcerting but very effective over the next four days.

The twenty-second and twenty-third are your lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you are job hunting. Schedule meetings and interviews under fortunate stars on Friday.

On June 26, Mars turns retrograde in your sector of symbolic endings, and, yes, you can fix it (or them) before you sign off. The key to success is to avoid making quick moves. Mars is here to help. It’s time to put old business behind you.

Next month, you meet the challenge of added responsibilities.

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