Month of Dec 2018: You’re always half a step ahead of everyone else, and you pick up speed in December. You are sharp (okay, sharper)! You intuitively predict results because you rarely miss the signals. Be on the lookout.

On December 1, retrograde Mercury returns to self-assured and rarely discouraged Scorpio, and as an extra bonus, fortune smiles when Venus begins transiting your sign the next day.

Schedule meetings and make moves on the third and fourth, your lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you are job hunting.

On December 16, Scorpio Venus sextiles Saturn, and Mars sextiles mysterious Pluto, and all four planets stimulate dynamic opportunities and the power to make something of them ahead of everyone else. It’s about others’ long talks behind closed doors and the inside information that - if one person knows it - they can’t resist telling a Scorpio. The info says there are good things for you in time.

Speaking of time, it’s actually fleeting because you could hear something positive between the twenty-eighth, when Venus sextiles ruling planet Pluto, and the thirty-first, which is another lucky day. Have you been craving something that breaks you out of the same old routine? Stay tuned next month.

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