Gemini Monthly Dating Horoscope for July 2022

Month of July 2022

While the temperature outside is fiery hot, your sex drive cools a bit when Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer on July 4. While you might feel up for dating, you prefer to pine over secret crushes. Keep a level head, Gemini, especially if they’re smooth talkers

The full moon in Capricorn on the thirteenth gives your passion a much-needed boost, creating the perfect mood for an intimate date night. Use your words to bond with your lover and you might just get your sex drive back. Just remember to take it slow as Venus enters Cancer on July 17, and remember what you’re worth.

Fortunately, your love life starts to turn later in the month when Mercury enters Leo on the nineteenth, helping you find the right words to get your flirt on.

Your secret crush might not be a secret any more when the sun in Leo on July 22 gives you the confidence to be honest about your feelings. If you like someone, ask them out during the Leo new moon on the twenty-eighth. Keep it light and easy by getting a drink and let your charm and wit reel them in.

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