gemini Monthly Dating Horoscope for January 2022

Month of January 2022

The year 2022 begins on a flirtatious note when Mercury enters Aquarius on Jan. 1. Use your extensive knowledge and wit to charm everyone you meet. Take that knowledge into the bedroom during Capricorn’s new moon on the second. A physical connection could lead to a deep emotional bond.

However, don’t move too quickly, Gemini. Mercury goes into retrograde on Jan. 14, making it difficult to get on the same page with your lover. Avoid going out during the Cancer full moon on the seventeenth. Your ego will be extra sensitive and you might do things you’ll regret later (like texting your ex).

Put dating on a brief pause to reevaluate your love life and what you’re looking for when the sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 19. Your best date night is when Mars enters Capricorn on the twenty-fourth, creating a sensual evening that could lead to a very steamy night.

After a difficult retrograde, you’re ready to build romantic bonds when Venus moves forward on Jan. 29. Transform casual flings into serious commitments. End the month with an adventurous date during the Aquarius new moon on the thirty-first. Take a mini road trip with your lover to really get to know them.