gemini Monthly Dating Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

Before getting back into the dating scene, give yourself an ego boost when the new moon is in Cancer on July 9. You’ll need some extra confidence before you give away your heart again. 

You’ll be ready for love by the time Mercury enters Cancer on the eleventh. Attract people using your clever gift of gab to talk yourself up to your crush. Don’t settle for just anyone, Gemini. You deserve the best. 

While you may talk a big dating game, you’ll be ready to find a steady relationship, instead of playing the field by the time Venus enters Virgo on July 21. Start looking when the sun enters Leo the next day. Be open and honest about what you want as you dazzle your dates.

The full moon in Aquarius on the twenty-third makes dating an adventure when you’re encouraged to date outside your usual “type.” And your flirting skills really heat up when Mercury enters fiery Leo on July 27. Flirt with everyone! You never know who you’ll click with. 

Finally, use Mars entering Virgo on the twenty-ninth to build a solid emotional foundation with someone and seal the deal. All that flirting is getting exhausting.