Month of Oct 2018: Your old habit of searching out dark corners for old-fashioned heavy kissing sessions still works, but this month you want more. On October 8, a new moon in Libra and your fifth house of daring love stirs your inner romantic, and that element of shock and awe you bring to a hookup enchants a new romantic partner.

A quarter moon on the sixteenth is spectacular, and observing the nightly star show of heavenly bodies outdoors on your naked back on a patch of grass could set his or her heart beating faster.

The single Gemini likes to go missing on occasion, leaving behind half-started relationships or love affairs. On October 23, the sun moves into sexy Scorpio and opposes Uranus, and you could bump into some unfinished business in the love department. This person has just the right amount of élan to reignite an affair. He or she will not only spark your interest but also let you pick up the thread and give you another chance. You might just realize that there is love to be had in your immediate surroundings, and you don’t have to go too far to find what you feel is missing in your life.

On the twenty-fourth, soft lights, sweet words, and deception from the Taurus behind-the-scenes full moon could produce the most erotic evening of the month.

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