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It’s February 1, and while you’re still enjoying last night’s lunar eclipse in sexy Leo, you’re also enticing a certain someone with your clever X-rated chatter. Venus, the star of love, is in kinky Aquarius, and it could be that an uninhibited shard from your past stirs your imagination and leads to more intimacy than you expected or wanted.

As luck would have it, on the seventh a quarter moon in Scorpio kicks up a fuss, and you really go out on a limb as you tell the story of your life, beginning with the most salacious chapter. The challenge will be to avoid embroidering the truth. There’s a delicate balance when rehashing old love affairs. Too much information could destroy the mood.

A solar eclipse on February 15 in kinky Aquarius extends the fun for lovers after Valentine’s Day.

The sun entering Pisces on the eighteenth brings out your serious storyteller, and a touch of truth added to your offbeat tale of love finds you surprising yourself with what rises to the surface.

During these cold February nights, you and a hot new love interest could spend time over a glass of wine dropping nuggets that suggest a sizzling past. Later, in the wee hours, you could actually try to reenact some of those moments.

Open to finding love? Unveil your destiny.

Stellar Guidance


The sun moved from Aquarius and into Pisces this weekend, bringing with it a chance for all of us to tune in to our intuition. Colin Bedell shares tips for each zodiac sign.

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