Month of Oct 2020: Take things slowly when the full moon is in Aries on October 1. It’s tempting that after a few cute autumn dates you might jump into a full-blown relationship, but how well do you really know this person? Are these real feelings or fall vibe feelings? Use Venus entering Virgo the next day to figure it out.

Be careful when Pluto goes into direct on the fourth. A lover may try to take all the power in the relationship. Stand your ground.

On October 13, Mercury in retrograde strikes again, this time in Scorpio. A misunderstanding could ruin your sexy night. Be gentle and make your communication clear. Stay calm when the new moon is in Libra on the sixteenth, even if your sex life looks like a horror movie.

Make the first move when Vesta enters Virgo and the sun enters Scorpio on October 22. It could the start of something magical. Venus enters Libra on the twenty-seventh, so have some naughty fun to make you feel extra boo-tiful. The full moon in Taurus on Halloween will transform you into a sexy creature of the night. Take a bite out of someone if you can, Gemini.

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