Month of Jun 2020: Jealousy is a terrible third wheel, Gemini. You’ll learn that as Vesta enters Cancer on June 3, making you suspicious of your partner. Are they interested in someone else or is the heat getting to you? You’ll get some answers when the lunar eclipse is in fiery Sagittarius on the fifth. Your fears will melt away into a night of passion. Make it official with the Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile on June 10. Jealousy has no place here.

Be honest about what you want in bed when Mercury goes retrograde on the seventeenth. Don’t hold back with your feelings, because bottling them up won’t give you the orgasm you crave. June 20 brings you a brief but powerful wave of love when the sun and the solar eclipse are in sensitive Cancer. It’s the perfect start to a hot summer.

While Neptune’s retrograde on the twenty-second may try to slow down your mojo, Venus going direct two days later will give you an extra boost of sex appeal. Your charms make you very seductive. Post a new online profile on June 27 when Mars is in Aries. Summer just started and your game is strong.

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