September 2018: A cranky quarter moon in your own sign of Gemini on September 2 cleans out the existing cobwebs, and you seem to breathe deeply of fresh and mysterious sexually charged air.

Breathe deeply, too, of Neptune’s vapor while in sentimental Pisces on the seventh, and just listen as the little white lies roll off your tongue and earn you more loyalty than you deserve. You find yourself surrendering to your passions, both physically and verbally. It could be that destiny is at work this month telling you that it’s time to let this special person who seems to have your heart also get a glimpse of your soul.

On September 16, a quarter moon in your seventh house of commitment and intimacy suddenly places even more temptation in your path as someone from your past reminds you of the person you used to be. It’s tempting to ruminate on being that person once more.

Living in the moment is an understatement for you, but in September, with Saturn and Pluto dampening the ardor of Mars, both desire and dreams could be muted. A new love interest with more depth than you usually experience could surface, and you might be so charmed that you’re the one demanding clarity.

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