Month of Nov 2018: Gemini can fall hard, and when that happens, both sides of the personality come out to play. Your partner might feel as though they’re dating two different lovers. Your everyday life is the focus this month, and you want to see this new person daily. The full moon in your own sign on November 22 definitely has a Gemini flavor, and that means that charm is both your first and last name this month.

In November, your eighth house of physical desire sizzles on a higher level of spirituality and forges a deep connection between the two of you. Pure as this affair is, you must remember that your ruler Mercury turns retrograde in big-talking Sagittarius and your seventh house of “let’s make it legal” on the sixteenth, and it would be easy to create a serious dramatic fantasy around this love interest.

On that very same day, Venus turns direct in your sixth house of everyday love and sex, and mischievous Gemini could do more than drop a verbal hint and actually lay out a whole plot.

A quarter moon in Virgo on November 29 brings a combative playfulness, and your own subtle humor - which is always close to surface - lightens up the game of love.

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