Month of Jan 2019: With a solar eclipse in the house that’s all about your intimate affairs, finances, and metaphysical thinking on January 5, you might conclude that you’re on your way up a steep hill, and each sexual excursion brings you closer to the top.

The very next day, Uranus moves into direct motion in the place you call home, and if you plan to spend the evening within those four walls, you can expect a surprise. For the always on the go Gemini, you could spend more time thinking about love than actually being in the throes of passion, but on this night the situation could reverse that pattern for some time to come.

On the twentieth, a supermoon lunar eclipse in Leo is heating up the two of you, and while it isn’t an all-consuming heat, it’s a heat that’s out of season, and your partner could be looking around for a fan.

On January 22, Venus, the planet of love, is in torrid Sagittarius and the house of routine when she nears Jupiter, and the wise, witty, and innovative Gemini feels like shaking up a romantic situation even further, causing sparks that actually burn. You’re lucky in love this month, and in almost any other endeavor on which you embark.

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