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Month of Mar 2019: This is a great month for loving, Gemini. Venus is in Aquarius from March 1 to March 26 bringing love, balance, and mutual respect. You’re known for being a social butterfly, and with Venus in Aquarius, this is the perfect time to make some sexy friends who share common interests with you. Flirt all you want, but hold off from making any commitments.

Why? Because sensitive Pisces is ruling this month, causing you emotional turmoil. On the fifth, Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces, blocking your romantic plans. The next day, the new moon in Pisces shifts your emotions. Then Venus enters Pisces at the end of the month, causing your head to swirl. You can’t make a decision on a good day, Gemini. With Pisces giving you mixed feelings and emotions, it’s better to flirt and wait until your head is clear before turning a fling into something more.

The spring equinox on March 20 brings some fun back into your life as the colorful full moon in Libra returns the zest your love life has been craving. Spring is in bloom and your love life is blooming along with it.

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