July 2018: Prolific with words, it’s seldom that you actually put pen to paper and reveal what’s on your mind or in your heart, but when you do, your partner could feel a sexual jolt. Those words sent electronically or via snail mail inadvertently nurture this hookup, and before you know it, the two of you are inhabiting your own private realm of intimacy.

The solar eclipse in your possessive second house on July 12 sees your already turned-on love partner tossing inhibitions aside, and the heat the two of you generate melts any boundaries. It’s sex just the way you like it, and while no one likes the chase better than you, you allow your partner to take the initiative. You, more than any other sign, need to keep the lines of communication open. When daylight comes, you’re still finding ways to keep your partner smitten - it could be sizzling texting that does the trick.

Your ruler Mercury moves into retrograde motion on the twenty-fifth and confusion reigns. What are the odds of an old flame popping back into your life? This relationship burns brightly, but as you navigate the retrograde it begins to fade. Don’t count on the old flame either, because that might only last three weeks.

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