Month of Sep 2018: This month, it’s about someone new you’re currently trying to lure into your web, your tried-and-true partner, or your secret hope that a long-time black-sheep lover once more materializes. A fated aspect between Mercury and Mars on September 5 suggests you’re struggling with one of your secrets or a desire long hidden. No matter the choice you make, you’re quietly zooming in on those desires that can no longer be contained.

Be warned, however, that your career could get in the way of your seductive behavior. For you, a forbidden moment behind a closed door could be like a shot of adrenaline, but by the ninth, a new moon subtly reminds you that you have to open that closed door at some point.

With your reckless and adventure-loving ruler Pluto moving into direct motion on September 30, you could give new meaning to the term “long, hot summer.” Scorpio is basically a faithful sign, but you have a hot love nature. It doesn’t hurt to engage in fantasy, and this is exactly what this night inspires.

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