Month of Jan 2019: To your partner, you can be a complicated jigsaw piece with endless possibilities as to where your wildly shaped edges will fit. As this new year begins, half of your chart is in an introspective sector, making it a tad easier to place that mysterious piece.

On January 5, a solar eclipse in your house of communication moves light, flirtatious talk into the deeper seas of erotic chatter. undercover is a heart-pounding time because Scorpio wants nothing less than the real thing.

On the twentieth, a supermoon lunar eclipse followed on Tuesday by the all-consuming, burning feelings of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, find you trying to determine the depth of the confusing and steamy waters you’re currently swimming in.

The quarter moon on January 27 is in your own sign of Scorpio, the place of risky love, and suddenly all the kinky words and physical expressions you’ve been suppressing come out to play. Always possessive, you tighten your already strong grip on your partner’s emotions. You might be more in love than you ever thought you could be, or could it be more lust than you’ve ever experienced?

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