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Month of Mar 2020: Do you have a secret crush, Scorpio? Don’t hold in those feelings! When Venus enters Taurus on March 4, be brave and just ask them out. Don’t try to be mysterious or play games. The best way to romance someone is to be direct. If it goes well by the ninth, Mercury will be direct, the full moon will be in Virgo, and you’ll be on a hot date. Swoon.

Your latest romance could leave you soaring when Mercury enters Pisces on March 16. You are loving the emotional connection, and the sex is pretty great, too. Plan a creative date for the nineteenth. The sun entering Aries will give you an opportunity to show off your wild side. Take those crazy ideas into the bedroom, too.

Skip the gym when Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21 and work out with your partner. The way you like to burn energy is too R-rated for the public to handle.

Have a deep conversation after lovemaking when the new moon is in Aries on the twenty-fourth. It will intensify your connection. But don’t make a grand declaration of love when Mars enters Aquarius on March 30. It’s too soon to be dramatic.

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