Month of Aug 2020: Difficult conversations cool down your summer of fun when the full moon is in Aquarius on August 3. Be honest and gentle about the issues you are having and they’ll be resolved when Mercury enters Leo the next day. Keep communications open and you’ll never be lonely, Scorpio.

You start feeling extra sexy when Venus enters Cancer on the seventh. Your charms and allure can seduce anyone and everyone. Your sex appeal only increases when Vesta enters Leo on August 11. Your thirst-trap game is on point. Go ahead and send a tasteful nude. Summer (and you) are too hot for all those layers.

Just when you thought the retrogrades were over, Uranus retrogrades on the fifteenth, sending you a headache in the form of an ex-lover. They may try to seduce you back into bed, but it’s better if you leave them on read. Reveal your dominant side in the bedroom when the new moon is in Leo on August 18. Your lover will be thrilled. A decision about who should spend time with you gets resolved when the sun enters Virgo on the twenty-second. You deserve a happy ending (in more ways than one).

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