Month of Nov 2018: The month begins with a sassy new moon in your own sign of Scorpio on November 7 and Jupiter taunting Uranus to cause those hot sparks you love to not only fly but singe.

As early as the fifteenth, a quarrelsome quarter moon rattles the rafters of your house of secrets, and your relationship gets a well-deserved tune-up.

It’s a month of starting and stopping as slinky Venus turns direct and stokes the fires, and on that same day, November 16, Mercury moves into retrograde motion and provokes a spat. For the single Scorpio, these transits give you the confidence to go after that new face while simultaneously untangling yourself from an outlived relationship. Your reputation for being a possessive lover intensifies this month, and you live up to that title and stake a claim, if you haven’t already.

On the twenty-second, a full moon in your eighth house of intimacy brings with it some kinky urges that could change the direction of a love affair. It probably wouldn’t be best to act on all of these urges unless you’re getting a “go” signal from your inner wisdom, and yes, don’t forget your partner.

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