Month of Nov 2020: November starts with a wave of indecision as Mercury turns direct in Libra on the third. Should you swipe left or right? Accept that booty call? Stay home? Too many choices! If you can’t decide, wait until Ceres enters Pisces on November 9. Your intuition will be stronger, helping you figure out what you truly need.

Fortunately, you become more decisive when Mercury enters your sign for the second time this year on the tenth. However, asking potential lovers invasive questions doesn’t make your sex life any better. Chill, Scorpio. Try to be more flexible as Mars goes direct in Aries on November 13. It will help you in and out of the bedroom.

You’ll feel your full seductive power when the new moon is in your sign on the fourteenth, making it easy for you to put anyone under your spell. Your sex drive only increases when Venus enters your sign and the sun enters Sagittarius on November 21. It’s cold outside, but you’re on fire. Bring your kinky side out to play.

However, by the time the lunar eclipse is in Gemini on the thirtieth, you’re back to treating flirting like an interrogation. Chill.

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