May 2018: You are hot in May, and it isn’t just because of the weather. It probably wouldn’t be wise to act on all of those urges you’re feeling. Of course, if you’re getting a “go” signal from your inner wisdom (and don’t forget your partner), well, turn all that sexy magnetism on full blast. It just can’t be hidden, though you try.

When the new moon in sultry Taurus shines its silvery light on your house of committed love on May 15, you can expect you’ll want to tighten the screws and bolts on this affair.

The very next day, your ancient ruler Mars squares volatile, sex-driven Uranus, and love suddenly feels as though it’s a matter of life and death. Make no mistake - your partner loves every minute of the tension you bring to a tryst. After all, who wouldn’t want to be tied up with you and your sultry, steady love?

The last weekend of the month could be one of those super long encounters that provoke powerful romantic urges and send you down the road to legalizing this bond. On the twenty-ninth, a full moon in Sagittarius shines its beautiful light on a long day of love that paves the way to commitment.

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