Monthly SexScope

On March 1, the full moon in your fourth house of soulful love stirs your spirit of adventure, and you could be observing this heavenly outdoor display lying on your naked back, but it’s too cold. However, your hot date doesn’t mind the temperature. Even though this adventure is evocative of past performances, he or she is totally intrigued with your idea. Whatever the outcome, the dark night, sweet words, and deception of a quartet of planets in Pisces could produce the most erotic evening of the month.

It’s the new moon on the seventeenth, also in Pisces, that brings new truths and honesty and reveals conditions you never dreamed could exist. It’s love out in the open for all to see, and you really don’t care.

The single Gemini will usually have many half-started relationships hidden away, and possibly a committed affair by day, but when Mercury moves into retrograde motion on March 22, they are put on hold while the two of you go missing for a few weeks. Maneuvering toward a dark corner for long, wet kisses still works, but you’re more ambitious and you want more right now than just a hot flirtation. The full moon on the last Saturday night of March could bring you exactly what you want.

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Stellar Guidance


The sun moved from Aquarius and into Pisces this weekend, bringing with it a chance for all of us to tune in to our intuition. Colin Bedell shares tips for each zodiac sign.

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