Monthly SexScope

Your ruler Pluto, the legendary she-wolf, could complicate your life this month, as she is hungry and not just for sex. She hungers for a union of both heart and soul. It doesn’t seem possible for emotions to escalate more than they have, but even you, fierce Scorpio, could feel yourself on the edge and barely holding on.

The full moon in critical Virgo on March 1 could give you the break in passion that you are inwardly seeking and provide that easy getaway from intensity. Silence is your special weapon, but this month you’re in the mood for serious talk served with a side of sass.

Love stars Venus and your ruler Pluto are in possessive terrain, and the new moon of the seventeenth brings out a forceful nature that you do try to hide, albeit unsuccessfully.

Always a challenge to your partner, this month breaks all records, and it could be a turning point as to the direction in which this affair moves. If the direction you choose is toward even more heated love, the month could end with days of passionate negotiating that end up in a physical bond as binding as a written contract. With Mercury currently retrograde, the sexy negotiating could continue until mid-April.

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