Month of Dec 2018: On December 6, there’s a new moon in Sagittarius, Mercury turns direct in your sign, and the super-silent Scorpio indulges in some long-awaited truth talk. A loose tongue could spill words you never dreamed you would let out. You’ll break your silence this month because you tire of guarding your feelings so closely that you’re never able to go to that deeper level of sexuality you yearn for.

Seductive Pisces energy permeates the first half of December, and your partner lets you in on some hidden needs. December 21 is the winter solstice and the longest night of the year, and the two of you take advantage of every minute.

On the twenty-ninth, a quarter moon in your behind-the-scenes twelfth house has a dreamy aspect to it, but your emotional antenna is picking up mixed messages. Maybe it’s just too much of a good thing. Mars enters Aries on December 31, and you could make an impulsive decision. Don’t.

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