Month of Jul 2020: We know that you can hold a grudge like no one else, Scorpio. It’s your thing. However, when retrograde Saturn enters Capricorn on July 1, you’re going to need to forgive your ex. You don’t have to let them back into your bed, but forgiving them is the only way to move on. Enjoy your freedom when the full moon is in Capricorn on the fourth. You’re ready to hang out solo.

The Ceres retrograde on July 7 will have a string of people sliding into your DM, but you’re not ready to hop into bed with just anyone. Keep things chill as Chiron goes into retrograde on the eleventh, and make people work for your affection, especially if you’re uncertain about them. Stay single when Mercury goes back into direct on July 12. You can get pleasure all by yourself.

Someone cute catches your eye when the new moon is in sweet Cancer on the twentieth. Keep playing coy to reel them in. You feel especially sexy when the sun enters fiery Leo on July 22. Use it to your advantage. Passion continues when Jupiter sextiles Neptune on the twenty-seventh, encouraging you to give in to desire in any way you can.

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