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February is about hot and steamy passion, at least if you have your way about it. As the month begins, the aftereffects of a lunar eclipse in Leo allow restrained Scorpio to leak out secret information, such as what turns you on. For you, the light touch of lips, cheeks, or hair gently stroked can be the sensual glue that moves the temperature of this hot interlude from simmer to boil.

A quarter moon in your own sign of Scorpio on February 7 stirs your creative nature, and with your intuition in the driver’s seat, those newer and sexier techniques you’ve been imagining are taken out for a ride.

Melodrama and overindulging are also part of your style and the main ingredients of the intrigue that make this month memorable. Lest we forget, a solar eclipse on the day after the most romantic night of the year continues the sexy intrigue.

The sun moves into romantic Pisces on the eighteenth, and for the moment the two of you seem to be bound together with unbreakable twine.

A quarter moon on February 23 shines its silvery light on the place of erotic one-on-one interludes and opens the door wide to those yearned-for and out-of-the-ordinary sexy experiences.

Stellar Guidance


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