June 2018: Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune shine brightly on June 1 as they form a sexy grand water trine and you find yourself hot in pursuit of a certain someone. You know that no one can really belong to you, but still, you want to be first in this person’s heart. There is an “anything can happen” attitude as your heart opens to new possibilities, whether in or out of this relationship.

The new moon of the thirteenth presents a pivotal time. What may have been a relationship without direction suddenly comes upon a road sign and navigates to a destination the two of you find mutually desirable. For you, it’s always about the romantic encounter and how to make it last. It’s the little things that contribute to the total satisfaction of the experience - the food that’s served, the fragrance of the flowers in bloom, and, most importantly, the physical comfort. You long ago gave up the tendency to stuff down your feelings and keep the peace. Saturn conjoining the full moon in Capricorn brings a seriousness to lovemaking, and this is quite all right with you.

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