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Month of Apr 2019: It was the best of months, it was the worst of months—that’ll basically sum up April for you, Scorpio. Truly a tale of two Aprils. The first two weeks of the month are filled with sensuality and tenderness as Mercury and Venus are still in the friendly sign of Pisces. Your partner will be attentive to your sexual desires, bringing you to new heights of romantic passion.

However, even the hottest nights of passion eventually lead to the harsh light of reality. When Mercury enters hot-tempered Aries on the sixteenth, out goes the blissful romance and in comes the clashing of egos and major drama. Try to keep a level head, and don’t get sucked into the chaos or your relationship could go down in flames.

Thankfully, the sun entering stable Taurus on April 20 will keep you from flying off the deep end. Taurus reminds you to be practical and act more like an adult during tense times. Keep your passionate side in the bedroom. Stay cool and this month could end with you bonding with your partner and building a more solid relationship. Remember that disagreements are healthy, drama and shouting matches are not.

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