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Month of Jul 2019: The temperature is rising, Scorpio, and you keep getting hotter and hotter. It seems like everyone is trying to secure an evening with you. Thank Mars, who enters Leo on July 1, for giving you a major boost of confidence, charm, and seduction. And pay special attention on the third, when Venus enters emotional Cancer and softens your rough edges and makes you super sweet. Enjoy these hot summer nights of passion and romance.

So what could go wrong this month? Mercury going retrograde on July 7 could make you very emotional. You have a huge decision to make regarding your love life, and you just can’t decide. Don’t let your jealousy and suspicious nature ruin something magical. Keep a clear head and learn to compromise as you try to navigate your complex emotions. Venus in Leo on the twenty-seventh will help you make the right choice, or at least not make everything worse.

If you don’t burn any bridges this month, things could get pretty hot on July 31, when Mercury finally turns direct and the new moon in Leo makes this the perfect time to start a new love affair. Enjoy this hot summer loving, Scorpio, you deserve it!

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