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Month of Oct 2019: Autumn may be the perfect season for romance and cuddling, but love is the furthest thing from your mind. When Mercury enters your sign on October 3, you’ll be more focused on your own satisfaction and success than getting it on. You may feel a little romantic later when Mars enters Libra, but if no one cute is available, you’re more than capable of creating your own climaxes.

You can resist anything, Scorpio, except temptation, of course! Venus enters your sign on the eighth, bringing you someone devilishly good-looking who’s bad for you, which is even more tempting. A co-worker? An ex-lover? An actual vampire? Resist! Instead, plan a spooky fall day when the sun enters your sign on October 23. You might meet someone bewitching. Only a Scorpio would find the love of their life in a graveyard.

Put on your sexiest costume and hit the town when the new moon is in your sign on the twenty-seventh. You’ll be howling at the moon, putting sexy strangers under your spell, and getting into some serious mischief. Go you!

Keep an open mind on Halloween as Mercury goes into retrograde. You’ll be delightfully surprised.

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