Cancer Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of April 2024

This month is introspective and strategic for you. Your long-term goals and aspirations will be illuminated. You will have a strong desire to align your pursuits with your values and ambitions. Focus on building a strong foundation for your future success. This could mean taking classes or expanding networks.

Mercury turns retrograde on April 1. This is a good time to finish projects that have been left on the back burner, or this can also mean that it is a good time for you to sharpen your skills with classes or simply watching videos online. Use your intuition to navigate through communication challenges. You have the right understanding of what others need right now. If you own your business, tap into your emotional intelligence and nurture relationships with clients and partners.

Venus moves into Taurus on the twenty-ninth. This is a great time to leverage your natural empathy to create the right relationships when it comes to moving ahead. April will have you prioritizing long-term plans with a flair for authenticity.

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The first dreaded Mercury retrograde cycle of the year starts in Aries on April 1, energizing your tenth house and creating subtle competition between your career and your love life. Balance is the key now (especially if you’re in a relationship), so that one area of your life isn’t neglected in favor of the other. When Venus moves into Aries on the fourth, you need to be with someone who supports your career. If you’re single, look for a partner who complements your professional ambitions, not someone who is jealous of your accomplishments...

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Spring is in bloom, but your dating life is in the deep freeze thanks to Mercury going into retrograde on April 1. As your professional life becomes stressful, focus on your career ambitions when Venus enters Aries on the fourth. Don’t risk your reputation on an office romance, Cancer. Fortunately, you will leave toxic relationships behind during the solar eclipse on April 8. Block their number and focus on building a better romantic future for yourself. Especially since you’ll be able to break out of your shell when the sun enters Taurus on...

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Week of April 14, 2024

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