The Sky this Month, June 2024

Welcome to June! The month where we explore diversity, the summer solstice, new adventures, creative passions, connecting with our emotions and establishing the security and stability in life, love, and peace. Earthy-grounding May has come to an end. May taught us a lot about self-worth, boundaries, finances, environments, and the relationships around us. With June being the mid-year RESET we need, May’s energy will be utilized and taken to new heights in June and will allow us to focus on creating and building the life we deserve! 

June starts off with the sun in Gemini, along with the planet Mercury entering Gemini just two days later. We end the month with the sun’s move into Cancer. Being curious, emotionally intimate and open-minded is key this month. 

June is diverse, informative, and may feel challenging to understand and fully grasp as an individual. With Cancer season closing out June, this month will put you through a test of navigating through fear, change, emotional intimacy, and the unknown. But when you make it to the finish line, you’ll feel stronger, prouder, and have so much more confidence, clarity & direction of where you’re heading next on your journey.

PRIDE Month What better way to celebrate diversity than celebrating the gender identities and communities of PRIDE! A vital month for celebration, advocacy, education, and community building that is needed with the ongoing struggles for equality and...

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