Scorpio Monthly Work Horoscope for December 2022

Month of December 2022

A raise could be coming your way this month, Scorpio. The only caveat is that you might be too pushy about asking for it, which can be counterproductive to your goal when Mercury enters Capricorn December 6. If you refrain from asking for it during the Gemini new moon on the seventh, you could soon find an email in your in-box detailing the terms of your new agreement and income. Learning to take your feelings in stride and not jump the gun is a life lesson and a professional lesson you’re learning this month.

Once you learn to lean in to your intuition (something you’ll be feeling when Jupiter reenters Aries on December 20) and not second-guess your instincts when it comes to office politics, you’ll be able to better navigate your career. This also means not getting impatient when matters like raises take time to manifest. In fact, it’s a lesson you’ll learn during the new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third. This will help you become the strong, savvy, and successful businessperson that you are on the inside.

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