taurus Monthly Work Horoscope for October 2021

Month of October 2021

Even though you might not want to assert yourself this month, it’s time you asked for a raise at work.

The Libra new moon on October 6 aligns with Mercury retrograde in Libra and pushes you to reassess your value and personal worth and put a dollar sign next to it, especially since your planetary ruler Venus moves into Sagittarius the next day. You could find the number turns out to be more than you’re making at your current job. Speaking up is hard but important. You are one of the hardest workers on the team, and you deserve to earn as much as, if not more than, others at your level.

The caveat to receiving the money you require is that Mars is in passive Libra (it enters Scorpio on the thirtieth) and not taking action. This could prevent your boss or company from releasing money right away (the funds may not be available or on hold until that time).

The Aries full moon on October 20 will give you a reason to smile. Instead of a financial reward for your hard work, you could be repaid by your boss with a title that gives you all the credit you want. Not only will you feel as though you’re appreciated by your company, but you’ll also feel seen—and even more so when the sun moves into Scorpio on the twenty-second—which was all you wanted.