Dog Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of June 11, 2023 Next Week

This week, take time for yourself and you’ll be rewarded.

Monday, June 12, is the Yin metal Ox day. Dog, you might be heading off to see family members in distant places. Or you could be returning to the family homestead to see older relatives. You’ll likely be greeted with hugs, stories, and lots of food, and you might come away with an armload of gifts.

The Yin water Rabbit day is Wednesday, June 14. Dog, some difficulty at work is melting away. There’s no reason for you to push now because the problem or person might not be in your space much longer. If you’re struggling, this is a good time to step aside and let destiny take its course.

Saturday, June 17, is the Yang fire Horse day. It is also the new moon. Dog, something scientific could catch your attention, and this could send you hunting for articles and videos to learn more about the subject. It could be something about the stars or a new type of battery, or a breakthrough in how the brain works. This might be connected to a course you’re taking or an article you’re writing. Today, you’re finding valuable information.

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