Dog Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of December 10, 2023

This week, you are noticed by others.

The week begins on Sunday, December 10, with the Yang water Tiger day. Dog, you and your partner want to have some time alone. You might send the kids to be with grandma, or you could go to a nearby hotel. Or you might want to stay home just to have fun and not run errands or to try to get some household tasks done. This could lead to some romantic hanky-panky.

The Yang wood Dragon day is Tuesday, December 12. It is also the new moon. Dog, you could receive appreciation from someone you work with or a customer. You might receive a written recommendation from someone. Your supervisor might highlight your work at a company meeting, or you could win a sales contest.

Friday, December 15, is the Yin fire Goat day. Dog, to become a leader means to become an authority on something. This is a good time to focus on an interest you have and dive deep. You might benefit from conscious practices or from doing research. Or you might want to teach someone, because this will help you really know the material.

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