Jupiter in Scorpio

There's something afoot in this placement, inspiring the innate belief that a deeper truth lies just beneath the surface—one you might spend your entire life searching for.

This is the journey of Jupiter in Scorpio, which is a position that lends itself to magic and even psychic abilities. Jupiter encourages you to be a knowledge-seeker, and you'll likely feel called to use occult practices (from Tarot to meditation) to find that hidden reality. Scorpio can have a tendency to be moody or morose (this journey isn't an easy one!), but uplifting Jupiter serves to light your path and give you the strength to persevere.

Jupiter in Scorpio: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Fixed

Positive keywords for Jupiter in Scorpio:

  • Autonomous
  • Devoted
  • Inward
  • Survival

Negative keywords for Jupiter in Scorpio:

  • Dark
  • Obsessive

Jupiter in Scorpio Personality

Though Jupiter is generally known for his focus on breadth, in the sign of Scorpio, he blesses natives for their depth. Though Scorpio may be a water sign, these individuals are rocks able to withstand the (often chaotic) situations that life throws at them. This placement boasts an inherent power that demands (and generally receives) respect. So, it's no wonder that they walk with a little swagger in their step.

Whereas other signs seek social acceptance, Jupiter in Scorpio wants nothing more than to be themselves. Though a secretive placement, they refuse to put on airs. Scorpio Jupiter natives show themselves to the world, unafraid and unashamed.

Positive Traits

While Jupiter in Gemini and Sagittarius explore for curiosity's sake, Scorpio Jupiter feels an intense need to dig to subterranean depths to resolve mysteries. Often, they need not probe too profoundly as their magnetism and dedication attract precisely what it is they seek. Still, they prefer to go down the rabbit hole.

Similarly, Jupiter enlarges Scorpio's already massive sex appeal, so finding someone for the night is rarely an issue. Finding someone able to weather their intensity is another question entirely. However, those that do take the plunge with Jupiter in Scorpio are in for a lifetime of passion.

Negative Traits

Just as Jupiter builds on Scorpio's positive attributes, so too does its negative ones. The planet of inflation magnifies the pre-existing investigative tendencies of Scorpio. Therefore, like Jupiter in Virgo, Scorpio risks hyper fixation, though with more passionate overtones. Suspicion is basically a given with Jupiter in Scorpio. If allowed to run amok, they can easily sabotage their most precious relationships.

Lest they temper themselves, magnetism and manipulation can become one and the same for Jupiter in Scorpio in their quest to exert complete control over their situation. After all, Jupiter giveth, and he taketh away.


Though it may seem like an odd fit between a typically open planet and a notoriously closed-off one, Jupiter deepens the well of Scorpio's inner knowing. With a prominent placement in the chart and/or the presence of another Scorpio placement, Scorpio Jupiter individuals possess an all-seeing eye. Such is their intuition—and perhaps paranoia—that the slightest hesitation sets off their inner alarms, so dishonesty is useless with these folks.

Where some hide their demons, Scorpio Jupiter folks are more or less at peace with them. As a result, they lack the psychologically tortured energy that haunts Scorpio suns and moons, for example. Though it's hardly a sweet and simple life with this placement, with a little adjustment, its natives can conquer the world.