Uranus in Aries

When Uranus is in fiery, headstrong Aries, nothing stays the same for long.

In fact, during this time, you may find yourself feeling a sense of whiplash! This is a powerful transit that affects us both on a personal and a community level. While it can be hard to feel grounded or maintain a routine, this is a great time to try new things. Is there a job, hobby, or skill you've been secretly wanting to try? Uranus in Aries is all about going for it. Remember, bringing in something new often means we need to clear out space by setting aside something old.

Uranus in Aries: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Fire & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Uranus in Aries:

  • Decisive
  • Self-assured
  • Spearheading
  • Spirited
  • Uninhibited

Negative keywords for Uranus in Aries:

  • Chaotic
  • Destructive
  • Erratic
  • Frustrated
  • Raucous

Uranus in Aries Personality

When the planet of shock meets the sign of the adrenaline junkie, you're up for a wild ride. Uranus in Aries wants the world, and they want it now. They, more than anyone, want to be first in whatever line they're in. These individuals aren't satisfied if they're not breaking ground. As a result, records of their exploits are often found in the earlier pages of history books.

However, the path to becoming the stuff of legends is hardly an easy one and typically fraught with more than a few bumps, scratches, and broken bones for these folks. Uranus in Aries treats looking before leaping the same way most people do trips to the dentist. That is, they loathe, sidestep, or overlook it completely. As a result, Aries Uranus can end up in touchy and ultimately avoidable situations.

Positive Traits

Uranus in Aries is not trigger shy. These are the folks who charge into battle at the first sign of trouble—for better or worse. As rebels with a sort-of cause, fear, uncertainty, and even danger are non-issues for this placement, as they feel that fate favors the bold.

But beyond any particular cause or creed, Uranus in Aries is motivated by their leadership instincts and thirst for excitement. As a result, theirs is a face never just lost in the crowd. The next great revolution will likely find Aries Uranus individuals leading the way.

Negative Traits

Aries' already impulsive nature is intensified with Uranus. When you jump headfirst into situations, there's a real risk of skull fracture. Those with their Uranus in Aries must learn to pause a beat before bursting into action. When their ill-planned operations inevitably go south, they're apt to pitch a fit the size of Texas.

On account of this emotional reactivity, Aries Uranus may not exactly be everyone's cup of tea. While pleasing the world should never be a goal in and of itself, there's certainly no need to provoke it. Uranus in Aries must work on cultivating patience as a virtue.


With Uranus in the zodiac's wild child, Aries, one thing is for sure: nothing is. Those with Uranus in this sign would rather be ready than careful. This proclivity for spontaneous action may lead them into danger or the adventure of a lifetime. Uranus in Aries individuals are willing to make that gamble. What others might call foolhardiness, these Uranian Aries folks consider passion. Whether it's one, the other, or both, there is a certain sparkle in their eyes, a fearlessness that few in their lives get to experience.

Even if their lust for life leads them into the very depths of hell, Uranus in Aries can more than anyone say that they've truly lived.